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Henry Ford

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Ford, He ry (1863-1947), America i dus rialis , bes k ow for his pio eeri g achieveme s i he au omobile i dus ry.Ford was bor o a farm ear Dearbor , Michiga , o July 30, 1863, a d educa ed i dis ric schools. He became a machi is 's appre ice i De roi a he age of 16. From 1888 o 1899 he was a mecha ical e gi eer, a d la er chief e gi eer, wi h he Ediso Illumi a i g Compa y. I 1893, af er experime i g for several years i his leisure hours, he comple ed he co s ruc io of his firs au omobile, a d i 1903 he fou ded he Ford Mo or Compa y.Au omobile Produc io I 1913 Ford bega usi g s a dardized i ercha geable par s a d assembly- li e ech iques i his pla . Al hough Ford ei her origi a ed or was he firs o employ such prac ices, he was chiefly respo sible for heir ge eral adop io a d for he co seque grea expa sio of America i dus ry a d he raisi g of he America s a dard of livi g.By early 1914 his i ova io , al hough grea ly i creasi g produc ivi y, had resul ed i a mo hly labor ur over of 40 o 60 perce i his fac ory, largely because of he u pleasa mo o o y of assembly-li e work a d repea ed i creases i he produc io quo as assig ed o workers. Ford me his difficul y by doubli g he daily wage he s a dard i he i dus ry, raisi g i from abou $2.50 o $5. he e resul was i creased s abili y i his labor force a d a subs a ial reduc io i opera i g cos s. hese fac ors, coupled wi h he e ormous i crease i ou pu made possible by ew ech ological me hods, led o a i crease i compa y profi s from $30 millio i 1914 o $60 millio i 1916.I 1908 he Ford compa y i i ia ed produc io of he celebra ed Model . U il 1927, whe he Model was disco i ued i favor of a more up- o-da e model, he compa y produced a d sold abou 15 millio cars. Wi hi he e sui g few years, however, Ford's preemi e ce as he larges producer a d seller of au omobiles i he a io was gradually los o his compe i ors, largely because he was slow o adop he prac ice of i roduci g a ew model of au omobile each year, which had become s a dard i he i dus ry. Duri g he 1930s Ford adop ed he policy of he yearly cha geover, bu his compa y was u able o regai he posi io i had formerly held.Labor ProblemsI he period from 1937 o 1941, he Ford compa y became he o ly major ma ufac urer of au omobiles i he De roi area ha had o recog ized a y labor u io as he collec ive bargai i g represe a ive of employees. A heari gs before he a io al Labor Rela io s Board Ford was fou d guil y of repea ed viola io s of he a io al Labor Rela io s Ac . he fi di gs agai s him were upheld o appeal o he federal cour s. Ford was co s rai ed o ego ia e a s a dard labor co rac af er a successful s rike by he workers a his mai pla a River Rouge, Michiga , i April 1941.War ime Produc io Early i 1941 Ford was gra ed gover me co rac s whereby he was, a firs , o ma ufac ure par s for bombers a d, la er, he e ire airpla e. He hereupo lau ched he co s ruc io of a huge pla a Willow Ru , Michiga , where produc io was begu i May 1942. Despi e cer ai ech ical difficul ies, by he e d of World War II (1945) his pla had ma ufac ured more ha 8000 pla es.O

her Ac ivi iesFord was ac ive i several o her fields besides hose of au omobile a d airpla e ma ufac uri g. I 1915 he char ered a peace ship, which carried him a d a umber of like-mi ded i dividuals o Europe, where hey a emp ed wi hou success o persuade he belligere gover me s o e d World War I. He was omi a ed for he office of U.S. se a or from Michiga i 1918 bu was defea ed i he elec io . I he followi g year he erec ed he He ry Ford Hospi al i De roi a a cos of $7.5 millio . I 1919 he became he publisher of he Dearbor I depe de , a weekly jour al, which a firs published a i-Semi ic ma erial. Af er co siderable public pro es , Ford direc ed ha publica io of such ar icles be disco i ued a d ha a public apology be made o he Jewish people.Adva ci g age obliged Ford o re ire from he ac ive direc io of his giga ic e erprises i 1945. He died o April 7, 1947, i Dearbor . Ford lef a perso al for u e es ima ed a $500 o $700 millio , bequea hi g he larges share of his holdi gs i he Ford Mo or Compa y o he Ford Fou da io , a o profi orga iza io .ВОСТОЧНЫЙ ЛИЦЕЙ REFERA и На тему: Выполнил учащийся 1 курса экономического отделения Барабанкин Сергей. Yuzh o-Sakhali sk 1999

В Very truly yours, J. B.В , supt. After reading this letter, Mr. Vermylen, sales manager for A. Zerega's Sons, Inc., sent it to me with the following comment: This letter had the reverse effect from that which was intended. The letter begins by describing the Terminal's difficulties, in which we are not interested, generally speaking. Our cooperation is then requested without any thought as to whether it would inconvenience us, and then, finally, in the last paragraph, the fact is mentioned that if we do cooperate it will mean more expeditious discharge of our trucks with the assurance that our freight will go forward on the date of its receipt. In other words, that in which we are most interested is mentioned last and the whole effect is one of raising a spirit of antagonism rather than of cooperation. Let's see if we can't rewrite and improve this letter. Let's not waste any time talking about our problems. As Henry Ford admonishes, let's "get the other person's point of view and see things from his or her angle, as well as from our own." Here is one way of revising the letter

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