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Библиотека Рефераты Курсовые Дипломы Поиск
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Коврик для запекания, силиконовый "Пекарь".
Коврик "Пекарь", сделанный из силикона, поможет Вам готовить вкусную и красивую выпечку. Благодаря материалу коврика, выпечка не
202 руб
Раздел: Коврики силиконовые для выпечки
Пакеты с замком "Extra зиплок" (гриппер), комплект 100 штук (150x200 мм).
Быстрозакрывающиеся пакеты с замком "зиплок" предназначены для упаковки мелких предметов, фотографий, медицинских препаратов и
148 руб
Раздел: Гермоупаковка
Совок №5.
Длина совка: 22 см. Цвет в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
18 руб
Раздел: Совки

Moscow he capi al of Russia is o e of he world’s grea ci ies. I s ame was firs me io ed i chro icles i 1147. Si ce ha ime M. has played a impor a role i R-a his ory. oday M. is ’ o ly he poli ical ce er of R. bu also he co ry’s leadi g ci y i popula io , i dus ry & i cul ural impor ra ce. M. s a ds o he M.R. i he ce er of he vas plai of E.R. he clima e of M. is co i e al. Wi ers are lo g & dark wi h a lo of s ow. Spri g is ra her shor & he empera ure rises quickly duri g la e April. Summers are warm & July is he warmes mo h. Rai y days are qui e commo bu he summer rai fall of e comes i heavy showers & hu ders orms. Au um like spri g is brief wi h rapidly falli g emp-s. M. is he larges i dus rial ce er of R. he mos impor a i dus ries are hose produci g au omobiles & rucks, machi e ools, radio & V se s. M. pla s & fac ories also produce food, fur i ure, clo hes & foo wear. he mos impor a eleme i M’s ci y ra spor is he me ro subway. he sys em was begu i 1935 & is s ill developi g. M. has umerouse hea res headed by he B. hea re. I k ow such hea res as he M. ar hea re, he s a e ce ral puppe hea re & he M. s a e circus. M. has some museums & ar galleries of i er a io al ra k. Amo g hem are he s a e Pushki museum of fi e ar s & he s a e re yakov Gallery wi h a exelle collec io of R.pai i gs. UK. he UK of Grea Bri ai & or he Isla d wi h a area of some 244sq. miles is si ua ed o he Bri ish Isles, which are separa ed from he Europea co i e by he or h Sea, he S rai of Dover & he E glish Cha el. Bri ai ’s popula io is over 56 millio people. he erri ory of Gr. Bri ai is small. Ye he cou ry has a wide varie y of sce ery. he capi al of Gr. Bri ai Lo do s a ds o he hames which flows i o he or h Sea. he hames is he deepes & he mos impor a river i Gr. Bri ai bu is ’ very lo g. he Sever , which flows i o he Irish Sea, is he lo ges Bri ish river. he clima e of Gr. Bri ai is mild. he A la ic Ocea & he warm wa ers of he Gulf-S ream affec s he wea her of he Bri ish Isles. he summers are usually cool rai y. here is much rai & fog i au um & i wi er. he hear of Bri ai is E gla d. I is he riches & mos popula ed i he cou ry. he or h & he E. are mou ai ous, bu all he res of he erri ory is a vas plai . I or hwes E here are ma y beau iful lakes called Lake Dis ric . he smalles of Bri ai ’s cou ries is Wales. he large par of Wales is covered wi h rocky mou ai s, which are difficul o climb. Sco la d is a la d of mou ai s, wild moorla ds, arrow valleys & plai s, famous lakes & o e d of large & small isla ds of he coas . he highla ds of Sco la d are amo g he oldes mou ai s i he world. he UK is a mo archy he head of he s a e is a ki g or a quee . I fac he sovri ri gs, bu does ’ rule. he UK is gover ed by he Gover me . Parliame co sis s of 2 houses – he House of Lords & he House of Commo s. he members of he House of Commo s are elec io every 5 years. he House of Commo s is very impor a because i makes laws. he members of he House of Lords are perma e . he House of Lords ca dele e & cha ge laws. Lo do . he capi al of Gr.

Bri ai is Lo do . I is a a cie ci y ma y ce ures old. L. was buil by he Roma s ma y years ago. hey buil a ow o he river hames. he ame of he ow was Lo di ium. I Roma imes i was a small ow . I 1666 here was he Grea Fire of L. Af er ha people buil a ew ci y. Abou 9 millio people live i L. I is he sea of gover me of he whole cou ry. I is also he ce er of Bri ish cul ural life & famous for i s places of i eres . rafalgar Square is a good s ar i g poi for a y our of L. I he middle of he square is elso ’s colum . his square is he place for all sor s of mee i gs & demo s ra io s. O he or h side of he square are he a io al Gallery & he a io al Por rai Gallery. I he cor er of r. Sq. s a ds he old & well-k ow church of S . Mar i - he-Fields. he mos impor a par s of L. are he Ci y, he Eas E d, he Wes E d & Wes mi s er. O e of he mos beau iful sigh s i L. is Wes mi s er Abbey. I is a ou s a di g example of medieval archi ec ure. Ma y E glish ki gs & quee s are buried here. I he sou h side is he Poe s’ Cor er where ma y of he grea es E g. Wri ers & scie is s are buried. here are ma y mo ume s of grea me here. Across he road from Wes mi s er Abbey is Wes mi s er Palace he sea of Bri ish parliame . A o e e d of he palace is Clock ower wi h he larges clock called Big Be i i & a he o her e d – he Vic oria ower. he oldes par of L. is called he Ci y, i is ’ very large bu i is very impor a , i s fi a cial & busi ess ce er. 2 mas erpieces are si ua ed wi hi he Ci y: S . Paul Ca hedral & he ower of L. he Eas E d is he poores par & a i dus rial dis ric of L. here are ma y fac ories & large riverside docks here wi h he por of L. he Wes E d is he riches & mos beau iful par of L. I is si ua ed be wee he Ci y & Hyde Park of L. he Wes E d is a symbol of weal h & luxury. Home. he place where you live i is very impor a because if you have a comfor able fla or a house o your as e you ca relax here & forge abou your roubles, si i g i a worm cosy armchair wi h a cup of ea or coffee. Some people have a house o hers have apar me s. I would like o live i a house. here’re 2 ways of havi g he dwelli g: o buy a apar me or o build a i dividual house. I hi k I’ll have e ough mo ey o build my ow house. here will be he door o he wes side i ca be half glass. & here will be a pa h from he ga e o he fro door. O he wes side of he house here‘ll be he garage. Wha abou he ex erior of he house here will be yellow bricks for he wall & red iles for he roof. ow I’d like o discuss he i erior desig . O he dow s airs o he side faci g he road here’ll be he hall & ki che . he livi g room & di i g room will be o he side faci g he garde . I agree o combi e livi g room & di i g room. he devisio ca be made by buil -i book shelves o he livi g room side & cupboards & more shelves o he di i g room side. I like buil -i fur i ure. I saves space & is cheaper. Ofcourse, o he here will be a cloak- room wi h wash -basi i i & a lava ory. Wha abou he ups airs here will be 3 large bedrooms. Each of hem will have a large close so here is o eed for separa e wardrobes.

here will be he ba hroom & he W.C. ex o i . I do ’ wa s a dard lamps so I’ve arra ged for i direc ligh i g. he cables will be buil i o he wall. here will be also several power poi s a he lower par s of he walls for applia ces. Spor . Almos everyo e likes spor s. ex o he wea her people probably alk more abou spor s ha abou a y o her opic. here is o doub ha spor holds a impor a par i our life. I helps people o keep fi o become s ro ger & developed physically. I makes hem o be more orga ized quicke s our reac io s & sharpe s our wi s. If you wa o keep fi you mus do spor s. o my mi d i mus be a esse ial par of our daily life. A perso mus work o be skil full i spor s. Eve if you do a se of mor i g exercises every day you’ll feel heal hy & cheerful for he res of he day. As for me I fully suppor hose pare s who rai heir babies o swim from he cradle. As a rule hese babies grow sou d & heal hy. Almos a y pleasa ac ivi y aimed a exercisi g he body may be called a spor . Wha a spor for o e perso may be jus hard work for a o her. Ma y of us play such games as volleyball foo ball baske ball or e is. A hle ics is he mos popular spor . People call i he quee of all spor s. Grea champio ships i spor , which are orga ized every 4 hyear are called he Olympic games. he las Olympic games were i 2002. My frie ds prefer swimmi g, ru i g, e is. Bu as for me I’m fou d of volleyball baske ball. hese games are very exci i g & I always follow hem o V. I hi k our P lesso s do us a lo of good. We of e have differe compe i io s i differe games such as pio eer-ball baske ball volleyball. Of all ou door & i door games I prefer baske ball e is hockey, bu I’m also i eres ed i o her spor s. hea re is o e of he mos popular ar s owdays. here are ma y differe hea res i our cou ry, bu he mos famous hea re is he Bolshoy Opera hea re i M. I was fou ded i 1776. Ma y ou s a di g si gers, musicia s ake par o he performa ces. I’ll ever forge my firs visi o he B. hea re. My frie d & I wa ed o see he famous balle Chelku chik by chaikovsky. We k ew he plo very well. We also k ew some pieces of music from his balle & decided o see he whole performa ce. We bough he icke s i adva ce & come o he hea re half a hour before he show. A 7 p.m. he performa ce bega . From he very 1s mi u e I was deeply impressed by every hi g I saw o he s age. he ac i g was superb & exci i g. he cos umes were fi e he music was hrilli g. he balle seemed o me a fairy- ale. I had ever see a y hi g more wo derfull. My frie d also e joyed every mi u e of i . Af er he 1s ac we we o look over he hea re. We saw he boxes he pi , he dress-circle & he gallery. here were ma y por rai s of famous opera-si gers, balle -da cers, musicia s & producers o he walls of he foyer. We had disscussio abou he play & we o our sea s agai as i was he bell for he 2 d ac . Whe he cur ai fell a he e d of he performa ce here came a s orm of applause. I seemed i would ever e d. he da cers received call af er call. hey were prese ed wi h large bouque s of flowers. We also applauded e husias ically.

It enables consumers to gather around topics that are meaningful to them in ways that are either impractical or impossible offline. Groups can serve as support groups for complete strangers who are galvanized by a common issue (coping with rare diseases, first-time parents, spouses of active-duty personnel) or who seek others who share similar interests (hobbies as esoteric as dogsled-ding, blackjack, and indoor tanning have large memberships). Existing communities can migrate online and flourish in an interactive environment (local kids' soccer league, church youth group, alumni organizations), providing a virtual home for groups interested in sharing, organizing, and communicating information valuable to cultivating vibrant communities. Some groups exist only online and could never be as successful offline, while others mirror strong real-world communities. Groups can be created instantaneously and dissolved; topics can change or stay constant. This trend will only grow as consumers increasingly become publishers, and they can seek the affinity and community they choose-when, where, and how they choose it.” There is another side to in-forming that people are going to have to get used to, and that is other people's ability to in-form themselves about you from a very early age

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