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Карабин, 6x60 мм.
Размеры: 6x60 мм. Материал: металл. Упаковка: блистер.
44 руб
Раздел: Карабины для ошейников и поводков
Ручка "Помада".
Шариковая ручка в виде тюбика помады. Расцветка корпуса в ассортименте, без возможности выбора!
25 руб
Раздел: Оригинальные ручки
Чашка "Неваляшка".
Ваши дети во время приёма пищи вечно проливают что-то на ковёр и пол, пачкают руки, а Вы потом тратите уйму времени на выведение пятен с
222 руб
Раздел: Тарелки

1. Some people hi k ha school years are he happies days i people’s lives. Ca you say ha you have bee happy a school? Why? School is he radi io al place for accul ura i g childre i o our a io al life. I he moder age, he role assig ed o our schools is o prepare childre for he li era e public cul ure. Some s ude s like school, o hers do ’ ; bu hey all s udy for eleve years a d gai k owledge by doi g differe asks. For s ude s who are doi g well i mos subjec s a d who wa o ge higher educa io , school is a a rac ive place. Bu hose who are o successful a school, a d who are always pressed by eachers a d heir pare s, school is bori g a d u i eres i g. I hi k ha he mos impor a role of school is givi g k owledge. I ca say ha my school gives such k owledge, a d ha ’s why I’m happy a school. Mos of my eachers have a lo of eachi g experie ce; hey u ders a d very well he difficul ies of he lear i g process. hey help us o lear all subjec s well. hey also guide us a d advise us o all aspec s of our s udy a d life. hey share heir k owledge a d experie ce wi h us, a d we respo d wi h love. If you wa o s udy well, you mus feel relaxed a d happy wi h your family, school a d your social life. Your pare s should u ders a d you a d help you whe you eed heir help. My pare s usually help a d suppor me whe I eed i . We have our school psychologis who also helps us o overcome difficul ies a d cope wi h our problems. he mai purpose of our school is o crea e a suppor ive a d cari g a mosphere for s ude s. he s a dard of educa io i our school is very high. I’m a ra her good s ude really. I do ’ have ma y problems wi h he work; bu I usually ge i o rouble for alki g, especially whe I speak a he same ime as he eacher. However I hi k ha some imes we have oo much homework. eachers a d pare s i sis ha doi g homework develops he s ude ’s abili y o work wi hou assis a ce, or ha addi io al work could help us comple e our educa io successfully. Bu I believe, i ma y subjec s, homework is o ally u ecessary, because i does ’ do me a y good. I hi k i ’s really s upid o copy from a ex book, a d here is o poi i duplica i g he ex book. A d if we could ge rid of u ecessary homework, we would have more ime o ake up hobbies a d i eres s. School is o o ly a place of educa io ; i is a place where we develop our rela io ships, i creasi g olera ce a d respec o each o her. A school we ca e joy differe ac ivi ies a d demo s ra e our i dividual ale s. Everyo e has a oppor u i y o ake par i differe performa ces a a school or class par y, or o ake par i differe spor compe i io s. hese ac ivi ies help us wi h our educa io a d rela io ships amo g our classma es. We wa o have harmo y i our class a d amo g our classma es, bu i is ra her difficul o achieve. Of course, we ry our bes o do i , a d i ma y cases we overcome our problems a d solve hem. A d o ly se si ive eachers ca help us, because boys a d girls are o passive lumps of clay; hey are livi g, pulsa i g, developi g, mys erious bei gs who mus be s udied a d u ders ood before hey ca be augh i he rue se se.

So a eacher plays a impor a role i our educa io , a d whe we remember our school years we usually remember our eachers, if hey were fair a d i ellige or o . I hi k ha I’m a lucky perso – almos all my eachers are very i eres i g a d i ellige . Whe our eachers cri icize us, hey follow such rules: hey ry o correc a s ude ’s ac io , o him; hey do o impress upo him ha he has o abili ies; hey ry o co ribu e o he mi ds a d souls of heir s ude s; hey ry o be a pa h for heir s ude s o go hrough a dark fores of school rules. Bu I ca ’ judge all eachers, because here are as ma y opi io s how o rea a child as here are people. eachers mus choose heir me hods hemselves, bu hey should remember ha hey i flue ce a d shape he s ude ’s opi io abou heir school. As for me, I hi k ha i our school almos all eachers u ders a d he s ude s a d become like pare s o us. hey suppor us a d care for us. I’m happy a my school a d so are my classma es.2. If you wa o co i ue your educa io , wha ki ds of i s i u io will you a e ds? Explai your choice. A he age of fif ee , s ude s i Russia have o make some impor a decisio s. Will hey co i ue o a school? Or will hey e er a lyceum or a gym asium? Of course, i ’s o easy o make he righ choice. I our cou ry a i e-year educa io is compulsory a d af er he i h form s ude s have a oppor u i y o choose. o e er a u iversi y or a college i is ecessary o s udy wo more years, a d ake five exami a io s o fi ishi g he eleve h form. o ge a professio al educa io , s ude s have o e er a ech ical college or a voca io al school a d s udy for hree years. Fi ally, hey may fi ish heir educa io , leave school, a d ge a job. he choice depe ds o heir likes a d dislikes. Whe choosi g a place for fu ure s udies, i ’s a good idea o co sider a umber of fac ors. Firs of all, we should ake i o accou our ow prefere ces a d fi d ou wha our ale s are. We ca do his hrough ap i ude es s, i erviews wi h speciali ies, a d co sul i g refere ce books o he subjec s ha i eres us. Differe ypes of schools, for example lyceums a d gym asiums, of e specialise i various fields. hey ca offer a good choice of subjec s ha will be useful i a fu ure professio . Mos of hem are affilia ed wi h u iversi ies a d colleges a d help pupils o prepare for heir e ra ce exami a io s. I am o sure wha I am goi g o do whe I leave school. By he ime I fi ish school I will have already formed a much be er idea of wha I’d like o do. Bu he problem is we have o decide which subjec s o s udy for u iversi y or college wo years before we fi ish school. I ’s o easy o make he righ choice. here are a umber of hi gs we could do. For some of he mos i eres i g professio s, like medici e, you have o be very good a chemis ry, a d I am o much of a chemis . Al hough my pare s are doc ors, I do ’ seem o be very i eres ed i cari g for o hers a d helpi g hem wi h heir problems. I do ’ hi k i ’s he bes decisio o follow i he foo s eps of a pare or a rela ive if you are o i eres ed i his professio . I have always wa ed o be some hi g like a compu er programmer, because I like compu ers a d I am i eres ed i k owi g how compu er programmes work.

Besides, I have a ap i ude for worki g wi h figures a d solvi g ma hema ical problems. Ma hs is my favouri e subjec , a d I am really good a i . So I hi k I ca work i a scie ific or compu a io al field. As far as my perso al quali ies are co cer ed, I ca say ha I’m crea ive a d hard-worki g; I have good logical-reaso i g a d problem-solvi g skills. Besides, I’m ra her commu ica ive a d like o work i a eam. So I feel I ca become a good specialis i programmi g. o my mi d he professio of a programmer has a lo of adva ages. I is a highly paid job, a d i ca offer ma y oppor u i ies. I will be able o work o he full ra ge of developme ac ivi ies, such as a alysis, desig , codi g, es i g a d impleme a io . Compu ers are he mos rapidly cha gi g sphere of moder ech ology. he ex ge era io of compu ers will be able o alk a d eve o hi k. We are livi g i he age of i forma io . A d I hi k ha he fu ure will be jus filled wi h compu ers. oday, i he USA people work, go shoppi g, or eve go o da es, si i g a heir compu ers. Bu o become a good specialis i compu i g, you should k ow a lo of programmi g la guages a d applica io programmes. So af er fi ishi g school i is ecessary for me o e er a u iversi y or a college a d o s udy compu er scie ce. I’ll have o ake hree e ra ce exami a io s: i Ma hs, Physics a d Li erary composi io . If I am lucky, I’ll have he cha ce o s udy i eres i g scie ces, a d o lis e o he lec ures of famous professors. However, i ’s very difficul o pass e ra ce exami a io s. he school I am ow s udyi g i is a comprehe sive school wi h a s a dard curriculum. hough he eachers here are very k owledgeable a d experie ced, my school o ly offers ge eral educa io . So af er fi ishi g he i h form, I would like o leave i a d o e er a lyceum of i forma io ech ologies. I gives i s pupils profou d k owledge i Ma hs, Physics a d o her academic subjec s. Besides, pupils are offered a wide choice of elec ive subjec s co ec ed wi h compu ers. hey s udy differe programmi g la guages a d lear how o wri e programmes. he eachers here are frie dly a d well-qualified. he lyceum is k ow for i s academic excelle ce. I hope my educa io a he lyceum will form a basis for my fu ure occupa io . Bu i goes wi hou sayi g ha I’ll eed some ex ra k owledge o pass my e ra ce exams a he u iversi y or college. ha is why I’ll have o ake prepara ory courses i Ma hs a d Physics. A yway, I have o ge dow o some hard work ow, if I wa o achieve my aims. 3. Choosi g a professio is o a easy ma er. Wha do you hi k ca help you o make he righ choice? Wha do you wa o be whe you grow up? We have heard his ques io ma y imes duri g our school years. Perhaps, i was difficul for us o give a defi i e a swer earlier. Bu ow we u ders a d ha he ime o choose our fu ure professio has come. Fi ishi g school is he begi i g of a i depe de life for millio s of school-leavers. Ma y roads are ope before us: ech ical schools, colleges a d u iversi ies. Ce uries ago here were o ly a few jobs: people were farmers, bakers, bu chers or carpe ers. oday here are housa ds of differe ki ds of jobs, a d ew o es are co s a ly appeari g.

You examined the different data types available in the .NET Framework and how you can perform type conversion from one type to another. You have also seen the various ways to perform looping, and the various processor directives with which you can change the way your program is compiled. Chapter 4 Classes and Objects One of the most important topics in C# programming — in fact, the cornerstone of .NET development — is classes and objects. Classes are essentially templates from which you create objects. In C# .NET programming, everything you deal with involves classes and objects. This chapter assumes that you already have a basic grasp of object-oriented programming. It tackles: □ How to define a class □ How to create an object from a class □ The different types of members in a class □ The root of all objects — System.Object Classes Everything you encounter in .NET in based on classes. For example, you have a Windows Forms application containing a default form called Form1. Form1 itself is a class that inherits from the base class System.Windows.Forms.Form, which defines the basic behaviors that a Windows Form should exhibit: using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace Project1 {  public partial class Form1 : Form {   public Form1() {    InitializeComponent();   }  } } Within the Form1 class, you code in your methods

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