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Браслет светоотражающий, самофиксирующийся, желтый.
Изготовлены из влагостойкого и грязестойкого материала, сохраняющего свои свойства в любых погодных условиях. Легкость крепления позволяет
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Раздел: Прочее
Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо и планеты", фиолетовый.
Оригинальный светильник - ночник - проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фонариков) 2) Три
330 руб
Раздел: Ночники
Мыло металлическое "Ликвидатор".
Мыло для рук «Ликвидатор» уничтожает стойкие и трудно выводимые запахи за счёт особой реакции металла с вызывающими их элементами.
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A A MAGERKO FRE CH REPOR MADAGASCAR WHERE: 1. MICROSOF E CAR A E CYCLOPEDIA 2. I ER E : 1) I FOPEDIA 2) HERI AGE 3. WORLD BOOK 1993 4. COLLIER'S E CYCLOPEDIA 5. ACADEMIC AMERICA E CYCLOPEDIA 6. E CYCLOPEDIA BRI A ICA 7. I FO RAC 8. WORLD ALMA AC A D BOOK OF FAC SMadagascar By: A a Magerko Fre ch 1 Mrs. ewsome 11/15/97MadagascarMy repor is o Madagascar. Madagascar is a isla d of he co i e of Africa. I is he four h larges isla d i he world. I is i he I dia Ocea . Madagascar is formed by o e large isla d a d several small isla ds. he cou ry’s o al area is 226,658 square miles. I is abou he size of exas. he ce ral par of his large isla d is made of a mou ai ous pla eau. his separa es he sides of he isla d. Madagascar is par ly volca ic i origi . he sides of he mou ai rise abou 2,876 fee o he op. Maromoko ro is loca ed ear he or h of he isla d. he massive A kara ra Mou ai s, ear he capi al ci y of A a a arivo, rise o he heigh of 2,643 miles. he la d slopes s eeply o a small or arrow lowla d borderi g he I dia Ocea i he eas . here is a somewha wider coas al plai ex o he Mozambique Cha el i he wes . he bes soil i he cou ry is fou d alo g he coas , a d i river valley’s of he ce ral pla eau. he major rivers of Madagascar are Be siboka, Ma goky a d O ilahy. All rivers s ar o he eas side of he cou ry, a d flow wes owards he Mozambique Cha el. he larges lake is ear oamasi a. I is called Alao ra. he eas er par of Madagascar ge s a lo of rai , which is brough o shore by wi ds comi g from he sou heas erly direc io . A ual precipi a io i some areas o he eas er coas is abou 120 i ches. he ce ral pla eau does ’ ge as much rai . Areas i he sou h a d sou hwes ge abou 15 i ches of rai . Mos of he rai falls be wee ovember a d April. Coas al regio s remai a a warm or ho empera ure hroughou he year. he ce ral pla eau has a clima e of warm summers a d cool wi ers. ropical rai fores s are also i Madagascar. he Sava a woodla ds a d grassla ds grow i he drier wes er regio s. Deser vege a io occurs i he ex reme sou hwes . A imal life is u commo i Madagascar. Lemur, is a a imal ha is fou d almos always i Madagascar. All he a imals ha are i Madagascar share charac eris ics wi h a imals i Africa. he differe ces i dica e hey evolved o Madagascar duri g a lo g period of isola io . hey have mi erals i Madagascar like he o es we have i U i ed S a es of America. hey have coal a d ickel. O her impor a mi eral resources i clude bauxi e, chromium, graphi e, iro ore, pe roleum a d copper deposi s, as well as small amou s of sal , gar e s, a d mica. Madagascar has a e h ically diverse popula io of 13,005,989. he umber of people livi g here is growi g a a compara ively high a ual ra e of 3.2 perce . Some major e h ic groups are he Meri a, who makes up 27 perce of he o al popula io , a d he Be silo who are rela ed o he Meri a. Bo h groups desce ded mos ly from Malaya a d I do esia abou 2,000 years ago. he coas al areas are i habi ed mai ly by a group of mixed people. he a ces ries amo g hese people are Malayo-I do esia , black Africa , a d Arab.

he e h ic groups are simihe y , a d A aiska . O ly 22 perce of he o al popula io is classified as urba . A a a arivo he capi al, is he larges ci y wi h a popula io of 703,000. O her impor a ci ies are oamasi a , Mahaja ga , a d A sira a a . he wo official la guages of Madagascar are he Meri a dialec of Malagasy, a la guage of Malayo-I do esia origi , a d he o her is Fre ch. Approxima ely 41 perce of he religio i Madagascar is Chris ia . Fif y- wo perce follows radi io al beliefs a d 7 perce is Muslim. I 1976 he gover me passed legisla io maki g six years of school ma da ory. By he middle of he 1980s he li eracy ra e was up 67 perce . Vir ually all childre i he age group of six o eleve a e ded eleme ary school, a d 21 perce of hose be wee he ages of welve a d seve ee were e rolled i seco dary school. he cou ry’s mai source of higher educa io is a he U iversi y of A a a arivo. Mos of higher educa io ce ers are loca ed i A a a arivo. Madagascar’s radio a d elevisio broadcas i g is provided by Radio- elevisio Malgasy a d Radio Madagasikara. Bo h s a io s are s a e ow ed. o everybody has a radio or elevisio , so he gover me ow s a ewspaper, Madagascar- ribu e. here is o e o her ewspaper i is he Imo go Vaovao. Bo h of he ewspapers are made i A a a arivo. I 1975, Madagascar’s gover me said, u der he co s i u io , ha he cou ry was ruled by a preside who was elec ed for seve years. hey have a we y- wo member Supreme Revolu io ary Cou cil, which is appoi ed by he preside . hey also have a Cou cil of Mi is ers ha is lead by he Prime Mi is er. hey have ye a o her cou cil i is called he People’s a io al Assembly. I is a 137 member assembly, elec ed by he people. he members serve a five year erm. Madagascar’s Judicial sys em is based upo ha of Fra ce. I i cludes a supreme cour , loca ed i A a a arivo, a cour of appeal, eleve cour s of firs i s a ce, a d special eco omic a d crimi al ribu als. Madagascar’s mili ary has 21,000 members. Madagascar is a member of he U i ed a io s. I also is a par of he Orga iza io of Africa U i y, a d several o her orga iza io s. Madagascar is o e of he poores cou ries i he world. he cou ry remai s, like i colo ial imes, mos ly agricul ural. Eigh y perce of he cou ry’s labor force is e gaged i agricul ural ac ivi ies. he mai food crops i Madagascar are rice, cassava, bea s, ba a as, cor , swee po a oes, a d aro. he produc io of goods has o kep up wi h he growi g popula io . Also, he impor a io of large amou s of food, ca ’ keep up wi h i ei her. he cash crops are coffee, cloves, sugarca e, sisal, obacco, a d eigh y perce of he world’s supply of va illa. Lives ock i cludes 10.6 millio ca le, o e poi o e millio goa s, a d o e poi four millio pigs. o a lo of commercial fishi g is do e i Madagascar. Mos of he fish caugh is co sumed locally. Effor s o reple ish he fores la ds are u derway. hey are pla i g o do his because i he middle 1980s 7.3 millio cubic fee of fores la d was cu . Public ra spor a io i Madagascar is o very high. he cou ry has o ly 549 miles of railroad rack.

hey have some 11,560 miles of road. hir y perce of he roads are paved. O ly abou 36,000 cars are i use. oamasi a is he mai por ha dli g 35 perce of he a io ’s foreig rade. Mahaja ga, oliara, a d A sira a a are some o her por ci ies. Madagascar o ly has four major airpor s. he i er a io al airpor is loca ed i A a a arivo. Madagascar has i s ow airli e, which is called Air Madagascar. Foreig rade i Madagascar ge erally has a ega ive bala ce. I he la e 1980's impor a d expor values have i creased. Coffee has made up 28 perce of all expor s by value, followed by va illa , a d cloves a d clove oil . Expor s i clude Chemicals , crude pe roleum , mo or vehicles a d par s . he major radi g par ers of Madagascar are Fra ce, U i ed S a es, Germa y, a d Japa . Of course Madagascar has i s ow mo ey. he mo ey i Madagascar is called Malagasy fra c. O e dollar i US curre cy is equal o 1846.87 Malagasy fra cs. he his ory of Madagascar, firs Europea o sigh he isla d was Diogo Dias. Dias was from Por ugal. He fou d he isla d some ime i he 1500s. Duri g he 17 h ce ury, he Por uguese, he E glish, a d he Fre ch successively a d u successfully ried o colo ize Madagascar. he Fre ch go a emporary hold o he isla d i 1642. hey were drive ou i 1674. hey fi ally acquired radi g places alo g he eas coas i he followi g ce ury. From 1810 o 1828, duri g he reig of he Meri a ki g, Radama I, who did ’ like he Fre ch, allowed he E glish o come a d live here. Bri ish officers rai ed Meri a roops, a d Bri ish missio aries i roduced Chris ia i y. Af er he dea h of Radama I, a s ro g reac io owards Europea cul ure developed. Reforms were abolished, he missio aries were persecu ed, a d rade rela io s wi h Grea Bri ai were severed. Radama II reig ed from 1861 o 1863. He was a ge erally a progressive ruler. He go alo g wi h he Fre ch. Radama II was killed because of his fac . here was a period of ime whe hey’re argui g wi h he Fre ch. Af er ha period of ime, Quee Ra avalo a III ook over ruli g Madagascar, i 1895. I 1896, because of popular uprisi gs, Madagascar was proclaimed a colo y of Fra ce. he mili ary rule was i s i u ed, a d he quee was se ou of he cou ry a d was o allowed o re ur . ow Madagascar has i s ow gover me , a d is progressi g well. hey have a sys em similar o he U i ed S a es. hey have a co gress, a co s i u io , a d a preside . heir preside is elec ed for a seve year erm. U like our preside ’s erm ha is o ly for four years. he official ame for Madagascar is Democra ic Republic of Madagascar. I chose o do my repor o Madagascar because i is a isla d. I love isla ds. I have always wa ed o live o a isla d. A o her reaso I choose Madagascar was because I had heard of Madagascar bu ever really fou d ou where i was u il I did my repor .

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1. Madagascar

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