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What is Anorexiz Nervosa

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Savche ko a alia he discussio will be o a ea i g disorder, A orexia ervosa, ha is a huge co cer of our socie y. I is a ea i g disorder ha is caused by a complex mix ure of social, psychological a d physical problems a d co sis s of various co di io s ha i volve a obsessio wi h food, weigh a d appeara ce o he degree where a perso ’s heal h, rela io ships a d usual everyday ac ivi ies are hrea e ed o fail. he s a is ics are drama ic. A orexia has become more commo i developi g cou ries i he pas 20 years. 50% of A orexics recover fully, a o her 20% o ly recover physically a d he repor ed mor ali y ra e is 20%. Each year, approxima ely o e ou of every 200 females adolesce s become a orexic. Abou 90-95% of all people who suffer from A orexia ervosa are females. he mos vul erable o his ea i g disorder are he ambi ious, achievi g girls be wee he ages of 12 a d 25. However, i i dus rialized cou ries, he co di io is becomi g more prevale i all age groups a d bo h sexes . he mai rai of a orexia is whe body weigh is more he 15% lower he he expec ed o e. I is caused by fear of gai i g weigh ha embraces excessive preoccupa io wi h food a d ab ormal ea i g habi s. Basically, i is a addic io ha resul s i successive cha ges i mi d a d body. he progressio of hese cha ges follows a orderly a d predic able pa h from heal h o me al a d physical devas a io . he addic io ha we are alki g abou is a resul of self-s arva io process. his mea s ha duri g ha process a group of subs a ces called e dorphi s is produced by he body ha is very addic ive. hese subs a ces play major role i causi g he behavioral a d me al cha ges charac eris ic o his co di io a d are respo sible for perpe ua i g a d mai ai i g a orec ic behavior hroughou all s ages of addic ive process. he addic io co cep of A orexia ervosa is made up of 2 pri ciples: O e s a es ha much of he a orexics ac io s like behavior a d hi ki g are gover ed by he mecha ism of reward. ha is a perso will self-admi is er by e gagi g i such behavior whereas a o -addic ive subs a ce will o cause a perso o au oma ically co i ue self-admi is ra io i order o ge some pleasa experie ce. he seco d is ha here is a direc causa ive rela io ship be wee he s a e of ea i g a d he s a e of mood a d feeli gs. Which mea s ha o -ea i g a d weigh loss promo e a se se of well-bei g or improveme of depressed mood via release of e dorphi s. wo ypes of A orexia ervosa are recog ized: firs is a simple res ric io of food. People usually s arve hemselves despi e he hu ger pai s ha hey suffer. he seco d ype i cludes res ric io of food a d ei her regular purgi g or bi gi g a d purgi g oge her. I is do e by mea s of laxa ives, appe i e suppressa s or eve self-i duced vomi i g. he dis i guishi g die e ic re ds are co sump io of low-fa foods, vege aria ism a d avoida ce of all he swee produc s. Moreover, drama ic reduc io i caloric i ake akes place ha is ma y imes acce ua ed by a sig ifica i crease i ac ivi y. Of e a aversio o foods is developed. Such ea i g behavior is a cause of severe lack of macro u rie s such as fa s, pro ei s a d carbohydra es as well as mi erals a d vi ami s ha make i impossible for a orga ism o mai ai i self i good heal h.

A orexia ervosa also falls i o a ca egory of me al ill esses because i has bee fou d ha his co di io is ma y imes accompa ied by o her me al ill ess. Commo for all he a orexics is ha food becomes he mai objec of heir lives a d i makes hem feel as if i was impossible o live wi hou i . Food becomes a domi a i all he daily regula io s a d judgme s. A d u like o her ea i g disorders sufferi g from a orexia do o co sider heir weigh loss a d res ric ed ea i g as problema ic a d o ma er how much hey weigh , he feeli g of bei g overly fa will o aba do hem. A orexia ervosa co sis s of various s ages. Firs is he Early Loss Phase where a series of physical a d me al cha ges occur as adap a io cha ge o promo e survival. he i is followed by a Adva ced Weigh Loss Phase. I begi s whe a perso reaches he desired weigh bu is u able o s op die i g due o he addic ive fu c io of e dorphi s. Brai depe de cy akes place, judgdeme s become less percep ive a d objec ive. he hird phase is he Bur -ou Phase. Here he olera ce ca o lo ger be overcomed by a i dividual. Duri g his phase a a orec ic feels he re ur of some a xie y a d depressio because a perso fi ds ou ha she or he does o cope as well as did i he previous phases. Also because he feeli g is wor h, he addic ed side of he a orec ic’s mi d makes every effor o lock i a view of herself/himself ha is i favor of self-s arva io . Jus like o her addic s, he a orec ic has o hi he proverbial bo om before cha ge is ruly possible a d has a reaso able cha ce o las . he a orec ic has o experie ce he power of he addic io eve wi hou bei g aware of i . o reaso i g or hrea e i g has a ywhere ear as much effec o he a orec ic’s a i ude as he pai ful experie ce of bei g co sumed by he addic io , o ly o fi d ou i he e d ha she has bee wreckled by i a d has received o hi g i re ur . A his poi a orexics may give i o urgi g of heir pare s or frie ds a d agree o seek professio al help So wha are he mai forces ha make people loose co rol over o e’s lives? A orexia ervosa is a very complex disease a d wide varie y of reaso s u derlie i however despi e ha ha mos specialis s agree ha die i g is he basic e ry li e for e eri g he disorder. A orexics hemselves ca be divided i o wo groups: firs co sis of hose ha have co cer s rela ed o heir weigh . U der he seco d group fall hose people ha have problema ic rela io ship wi h o eself a d o hers. he disorder is fur her complica ed whe braided wi h he social dema d ha pu grea emphasis o appeara ce a d hi ess. Bu ge erally i is o hi g bu he ou come of chro ically depressed mood a d he co s i u io al i abili y o mai ai a i er al equilibrium. I is k ow ha A orexia ervosa affec s bo h males a d females of differe age groups a d e hical a d racial backgrou ds. However some e de cies do appear. A orexia more of e affec s wome . Me are affec ed less par ly because i is believed ha i is ’ sui able for a ma ha is o a gay o be over co cer ed wi h his body. he grea er disposi io owards A orexia ervosa i wome ca easily be reaso ed. I is commo place ha all he wome magazi es usually have e imes as ma y adver iseme s a d ar icles o weigh loss as ma ’s do.

his happe s because every magazi e ries o sa isfy he reader’s dema d. By doi g ha hey make females bri g back hough s abou heir weigh over a d over agai . A d he mai reaso for such i eres owards die i g is ha ow more he ever ma ki d is bombarded by housa ds of images of you g beau iful a d ex remely hi models smili g from everywhere: V-scree s, press a d publici y boards. his fac is also direc ly correla ed o he i creased dema d o books a d ar icles describi g he die s a d exercise s ra egies of hese ideal girls a d makes wome believe ha each o e of hem ca achieve such hi ess o a cos of a bi of sufferi g. Wome may also s ar correla i g model’s success o heir slim bodies. hese hough s may mislead hem i o he idea ha wi hou i is impossible o achieve he desired success. he models surrou di g us (i press, elevisio a d o her sources) also crea e s ro g associa io s of beau iful as i separable from hi ha is a o her reaso of wa i g o achieve hese ex remely hi shapes. A orexia may also resul from low self-es eem i a emp s o ob ai ex er al valida io by ryi g o ma ch u realis ic media image. I is mos of e expressed i people who are perfec io is s, have difficul ies i ha dli g s ress si ua io s or i hose ha possess dis or body image a d are co s a ly preoccupied wi h weigh , body size a d shape. A orexia may be riggered from a simple remark of a o her perso owards a i dividual wi h low self-co fide ce. Or he psychological si ua io migh be adversely affec ed by loss of a loved o e. hese si ua io s may dis or a urally weak psychological bala ce givi g a push owards his ea i g disorder. Moreover, correla io has bee es ablished be wee emo io al, physical a d sexual abuse. A d si ce females are abused more of e he males, his fac serves as a o her reaso ha explai s he higher perce age of cases amo g wome ha me . A o her major source of A orexia ervosa lies i spor s ha pu grea emphasis o weigh a d appeara ce. he examples are: gym as ics, bodybuildi g, balle a d dis a ce ru i g. I hese cases compe i io s a ds ou as he mai e gi e ha ge era es he ea i g disorder. I addi io o all he above me io ed, A orexia ervosa may have age- rela ed origi s. Whe you g people duri g heir puber y period experie ce ma y a ural body cha ges. hey are of e perceived as u co rolled a d u desirable a d excessive die i g may be see as a mea of bri gi g back he co rol ha leads o developme A orexia ervosa. A d o he o her ex reme whe wome ge older life cha ges a d o her problems s ar riggeri g he da ger of falli g i o his ea i g disorder. For mos of hem i is he s ress of middle life such as me opause, co flic abou sex a d social pressure ha dema ds from wome o s ay you g or o herwise will be displace by a you ger rival ei her i her social or perso al life. Some cases of you g people may resul from excessive a emp of heir pare s o co rol heir child’s weigh . Usually he expec ed effec is o achieved, i s ead ha makes ee agers doub abou heir appeara ce a d dis urb he self-es eem ha is of e based o he pare ’s approval. A las , few cases have bee repor ed where ea i g disorders occurred i various ge era io s wi hi a family ha sugges s us ha ge e ic prepossessio does play a impor a role i occurre ce A orexia ervosa.

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