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Nelly Furtado biography

Гуашь "Классика", 12 цветов.
Гуашевые краски изготавливаются на основе натуральных компонентов и высококачестсвенных пигментов с добавлением консервантов, не
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Чашка "Неваляшка".
Ваши дети во время приёма пищи вечно проливают что-то на ковёр и пол, пачкают руки, а Вы потом тратите уйму времени на выведение пятен с
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Фонарь желаний бумажный, оранжевый.
В комплекте: фонарик, горелка. Оформление упаковки - 100% полностью на русском языке. Форма купола "перевёрнутая груша" как у
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&quo ;If I expec his all o be here, like a ex record, or wha ever, he I'm pre y much screwed.&quo ;- elly Fur ado, o he hype surrou di g her debu biographyBor a d raised i Vic oria, Bri ish Columbia, o pare s of Por uguese desce , elly Fur ado has always bee surrou ded by music. Her mo her is a former church choir si ger, while her fa her -- a fa of Por uguese music s yles, k ow as &quo ;fado&quo ; -- si gs as a pas ime. Her gra dfa her played i s rume s, a d eve her grea -u cle was a re ow ed Por uguese marchi g ba d score composer. All of hese family eleme s i spired elly's passio for music a d a broad spec rum of musical ge res a ha . By he age of four, you g elly was playi g he ukulele a d si gi g i Por uguese a d E glish, a d was he rombo e player of a jazz ba d, co cer ba d a d marchi g ba d, from i e o eigh ee . Her vocal chords a d da ce skills were also useful wi h her i volveme i musical plays. hip-hop's wha she's go She k ew early o i her childhood ha she wa ed o be a performer, a d her dreams were realized via several cha ce oppor u i ies a d eve s hroughou her life. elly received a ape recorder a d micropho e whe she was eigh years old, which served as a key par of her musical i flue ces. Exposed o he rush of ew hip-hop ac s spaw i g i he early '90s, elly became fasci a ed by he sou ds of LC, Bel Biv Devoe, Ice- , Mariah Carey, a d he ew sampli g me hods used a he ime. Wi h he help of her ape recorder, elly would sample he sou ds ha impressed her, similar o hose used by popular '90s ac s. She sa g i o her micropho e a d recorded origi al sou ds wi h he &quo ;scra ch effec &quo ; of her keyboard. A self-proclaimed R&B a d hip-hop lover, elly was la er exposed o he Bri ish rock sou ds of he mid '90s, af er a rip o her a ces ral Por ugal. ee age elly's eyes were ow ope o groups such as U2, Radiohead, Oasis, while she discovered Por ishead ha ks o a mix ape ha a frie d of hers made. he ribal bea s a d bossa ova sou ds evide i her music come from he music she was exposed o la er o , such as a Brazilia compila io album ha combi ed Africa a d Por uguese s yles. whoa, elly, wow! he album is he produc of her par icipa io i a oro o you g performer's ale show a he age of 18. he ma ager of he Philosopher Ki gs, a popular fu k/pop group, who was also prese a he show, was impressed by elly's ale . he o ly real recordi g experie ce she had up o his poi was si gi g back-up vocals for her frie d's oro o-based hip-hop group. Bu ha was e ough o cu a demo ape wi h he recordi g eam of Gerald Ea o a d Bria Wes (of he Philosopher Ki gs). Af er much co vi ci g o he par of Ea o a d Wes , elly re ur ed o oro o o record more racks. he frui of his work is wha led o elly's record-co rac wi h DreamWorks Records. Her album, e i led Whoa elly!, which has already spaw ed he hi si gles &quo ;I'm Like A Bird,&quo ; &quo ; ur Off he Ligh &quo ; a d &quo ;.O he Radio,&quo ; was released i he Fall of 2000. o s ra ger o ouri g, elly was par of he Lili h Fair our, wi h a bill co sis i g of female performers such as Be h Or o , Chrissie Hy de, a d of course, Sarah McLachla (who is o e of elly's idols).

he si ger-so gwri er also co ribu ed a rack o he sou d rack for he film, Brokedow Palace. a soari g bird A d she has her share of fa s. El o Joh praised elly's work a d ale &quo ;o he record&quo ;; she was i vi ed o pay ribu e o Are ha Fra kli a a ribu e co cer for he quee of soul; she released a due wi h rap producer a d si ger Missy Ellio , &quo ;Ge UR Freak O ,&quo ; appeari g o he Lara Crof : omb Raider sou d rack; a d she was i vi ed o perform a he Area: O e our, a d was amed o e of he mos ale ed a d beau iful wome i he world by he our orga izer, Moby. Her cri ically-acclaimmed debu album o o ly showcases he mix of musical backgrou ds -- Africa bea s, hip-hop, folk, urba s yle, bossa ova, a d he Por uguese &quo ;fado&quo ; -- i also highligh s a ew ale ha will defi i ely soar like a bird. overall ra i gWi h so ma y musical ac s oday sou di g like he same homoge ous co rived a d formula ed &quo ; oise,&quo ; whe some hi g origi al a d fresh comes alo g, i 's easily o iceable. ha 's wha happe s whe you lis e o elly Fur ado's debu album Whoa! elly. Her firs si gle &quo ;I'm Like A Bird&quo ; has e ched i s way up he char s, a d appeara ces o Jay Le o o ly ceme ed her place as a risi g s ar. elly's eclec ic sou d ca be raced back o her assor ed cul ural backgrou d. hough she was bor a d raised i Ca ada, her Por uguese roo s helped i roduce her o Por ugal a d Brazil's op performers, givi g a well-rou ded i er a io al feel o her music of e lacki g i her cou erpar s. Like her music or o , you'll apprecia e he refreshi g break from Bri ey Spears a d Chris i a Aguilera. perso ali y & ale elly Fur ado is o e of hose people ha probably walks arou d carryi g a smiley face s amp so ha she ca mark everyo e who is dow i he dumps a d make hem as co e as she is. Her upbea a d empo-filled album ra sla es o her performa ces o s age, where she performs like she's havi g a par y i her bedroom wi h her walkma o (excep here are o ew Kids O he Block pos ers, a d housa ds of people are wa chi g). She wri es her ow so gs, which always scores big poi s wi h us, a d she's able o si g i E glish, Por uguese a d Hi di. She was i spired by Beck, which is ' a bad hi g because Beck always delivers origi al ma erial. Her o her major i flue ce, Por ishead, is obviously i here i her music (some imes you hi k you have he wro g album o ). O her imes you'd hi k you were lis e i g o Erykah Badu or Macy Gray, wo wome o o e would mi d bei g compared o (a leas musically, wha 's up wi h Macy Gray's Welcome Back Ko er afro a yway?). sexi ess elly is a beau iful girl, i does ' ake much of a ge ius o realize ha . Why else would she have do e magazi e spreads before havi g released o ly o e so g? Her skillful augh i ess plays righ i o he ha ds of me everywhere who say hey wa a ice girl, bu really wa a woma who will whip hem i o submissio (or is i he o her way arou d?). accomplishme s & fame She was asked o appear for 4 our da es wi h Lili h Fair i 1999, which helped ca ch he album a s udio label. hough i ook a while for her ale o be recog ized i he US, she has had much success i her wo home cou ries of Ca ada a d Por ugal.

he good ews for her hough, is ha she has Dreamworks backi g her, a d hey ha e o lose mo ey o heir i ves me , so look for hem o cross-promo e across heir huge dis ribu io e work. a ural beau y Her easy smile a d co agious laugh o ly add o her a ural beau y. If she was always seemi gly depressed like Fio a Apple, her appeal ra io would drop fas er ha Charlie Shee 's pa s. Keep ha sorriso (smile) goi g elly. perso al s yle elly's perso al s yle crosses wo fields. Some imes she looks like a ex ra i a hip-hop music video, a d o her imes she looks like a back-up si ger for he I digo Girls or Sarah McLachla . She has he hip-hop, urba , los hippie look goi g. Le 's call i he &quo ; elly&quo ; s yle; &quo ;Cher&quo ; s yle i is ' . We like her. We wish she remai s a big s ar a d hope she always remembers he li le people (yes, ha 's us). « ME O ME »I am impressed whe music ma ers, whe ge res are broke , whe spiri s are lif ed, whe people make a differe ce, a d whe people are rue o hemselves. I am impressed by: Leo ard Cohe , A o io Carlos Jobim, usra Fa eh Ali Kha , Woods ock, Free ibe , free shows for e s of housa ds, Marvi Gaye, Bob Marley, De La Soul, good films, visual ar , A dy Warhol, jazz, improvisa io al a y hi g, ar is s who I wa ch perform a d hey bri g me o ears, Jeff Buckley, goi g o a rave, wri i g poe ry abou he ci y, rippi g ou o a good book, raveli g o a foreig ci y a d o k owi g a ybody. he lis goes o a d o . I have always bee i awe of a ure a d all hi gs i ova ive. Al hough I grew up i Vic oria, B.C, a mere suburb of a ci y, I k ow wha i depe de ce is, I k ow wha soul is a d I k ow wha God is. I k ow wha i feels like o si g o he op of a mou ai as if God is pumpi g Abraham s raigh i o me from heave . I was performi g i bo h Por uguese a d E glish by age four, a d playi g ukulele a d rombo e hrough ages i e o eigh ee . I played he rombo e i a jazz ba d, co cer ba d a d marchi g ba d, a d sa g a d da ced i musicals. I've see lo s a d grow lo s i my shor life spa . I have bee he bully, I have bee bullied, bee i secure, bee precocious, bee los , bee fou d agai , bee praised, bee heralded, bee shamed a d bee alo e. I am o shel ered a d I have ever bee , al hough family is very impor a o me. I am qui e s ree smar a d my pai of e fuels my passio , bu more of e my spiri does. I aspire, like a yo e, o do grea hi gs wi h my life. I wa o be Jack Kerouac, Mo a Lisa, Gha di a d Mo her heresa all a he same ime. I wa o i spire people bu o i a cheap way. here is a ar is i me. I see ar everywhere I walk. I believe I was bor o si g a d o crea e music ha emo io ally co ec s. I was bor o docume he way I see he world a d he experie ces I've had i i . Co sideri g my musical heri age i seems i evi able ha I would pursue his musical dream. I S. Miguel, Azores, my la e Por uguese gra dfa her played several i s rume s. His bro her, my grea -u cle, was a famed marchi g ba d score composer or 'maes ro' i his village who oday remai s somewha of a lege d o he ow s people. o his day, eve af er his dea h, hu dreds of his musical scores remai u der lock a d key i his baseme despi e several a emp s o co fisca e hem by local music-lovers.

В этом смысле особое значение приобрела "Волшебная флейта", в основе к-рой лежит нем. пьеса. При всей отвлечённости и экзотичности её сказочного сюжета она наиболее близка к нар. характеру, нац. песен-ности и полифонии, формам отечеств, т-ра. В обстановке засилья иностр. оперы "Волшебная флейта" явилась для Австрии и Германии провозвестником нац. иск-ва. Прогрессивные принципы реалистич. оперного творчества М. сыграли огромную роль в развитии муз.-сценич. иск-ва. С о ч.: П и с ь м а и документы.- Mozart. Briefe und Aufzeichnungen. Gesamtausgabe. Gesammelt und erlautert von W. A. Bauer und 0. E. Deutsch, Bd I-IV, Kassel, i 962-63; Die Dokumente seines Lebens. Gesammelt und erlautert von 0. E. Deutsch, Lpz., 1961. Лит.: Черная E. С., Моцарт и австрийский музыкальный театр. М., 1963; Штейнпресс Б. С., "Безумный день, или Женитьба Фигаро" Бомарше как источник оперы Моцарта,* в кн.: Вопросы музыкознания. Сб. статей, т. III, М., 1960; ХохловкинаА., Западноевропейская опера. Конец XVIII первая половина XIX века Очерки, М., 1962 (гл. II - Моцарт); AbertH., W. A. Mozart Bd 1-2, 7. Aufl., Lpz., 1955-56; Schenk E., Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Eine Biographie, Z.- Lpz.- W., 1955 D e n t E. J., Mozart's opcras, 3 ed., L., 1960; L e r t E., Mozart auf dem Theater, 2. Aufl., B., 1921; DellaCorte A., Tutto il teatro di Mozart, Torino, 1957. См. также соч. при статьях: Т. Н. Ливанова, Б. Паумгартнер, А. Н. Серов (Избр. статьи, т. 1), И. И

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