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A little information about Turkmenistan

Мыло металлическое "Ликвидатор".
Мыло для рук «Ликвидатор» уничтожает стойкие и трудно выводимые запахи за счёт особой реакции металла с вызывающими их элементами.
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Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо и планеты", фиолетовый.
Оригинальный светильник - ночник - проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фонариков) 2) Три
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Раздел: Ночники
Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо, планеты", черный.
Оригинальный светильник-ночник-проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фанариков); 2) Три
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A Li le i forma io abou urkme is a A Essay By Meka Melyayev E glish Composi io 121 Ja uary 30, 2002             Wha is he firs hough ha comes o your mi d whe you hear he word urkme is a ? Is i "Gee, I do ' eve k ow where i is"?  Or if you k ow he loca io do you have ques io s?  "Does your cou ry harbor erroris s?  Does you cou ry have roads?  Are all wome covered i your cou ry?  Does your cou ry chop off peoples' ha ds for robbery?"             he his ory of urkme is a i dica es ha he urkme s were omadic people who lived o heir ow , ever ryi g o co quer a y la d. I he 8 h ce ury urkme s were forced o accep Islam by he Arabs. he Muslim i flue ce las ed ill he la e 18 h ce ury.  I he early 19 h ce ury Russia s i vaded he urkme la ds, a d urkme s were forced o joi he U io of Sovie Socialis ic Republics. he i 1925 urkme s formed he Republic of urkme is a . I is bordered o he sou h by Afgha is a a d Ira , o he or h by Kazakhs a , o he or heas by Uzbekis a , a d o he Wes by he Caspia Sea.  A prese i is a i depe de a d eu ral cou ry. I has a popula io of less ha 5 millio , a d a la d size sligh ly large ha Califor ia. I is oil rich cou ry wi h abou 100 rillio cubic me ers of oil reserves, a d i 's a 10 h larges co o producer i he world.             Duri g my s ay i Colorado, I've o iced ha very few people k ow abou my cou ry.  I've wi essed qui e of e ha abou people I alk o have misco cep io s abou urkme is a .  Probably abou 80% of he people I've alked o have some ki d of misco cep io .  he mos commo misco cep io hey have is viewi g urkme is a as a Muslim s a e.  Whe ever I ell hem abou he loca io of urkme is a , hey s ar hi ki g of a Muslim ruled s a e; a s a e ha does ' allow wome o dress ope ly, ha chops off peoples' ha ds for robbery.  here are ma y ques io s hey migh wa o ask of a perso represe i g a u civilized Muslim s a e.             Bu urkme is a is comple ely differe from wha mos people hi k.  Eve hough urkme s were forced o receive Islam as heir primary religio , hey did ' figh for Islam.  he respec ed elders of he urkme commu i y ried o i spire people o defe d heir cou ry, ra her ha defe d heir religio .  I heir poems hey alked abou Heave as some hi g ha o o e has see , or bee i side, a d ha hey would ra her s ay o ear h i s ead of goi g o Heave .  A o her example of his could be a urkme my hical s ory, almos like of ve erable Bede's "Beowulf".  Bu u like Bede's wri i g i which he describes mo s er Gre del as some hi g God has se , he urkme s ory called "Gorogly (so of he grave)" has o me io of a God who is i charge of every hi g ha is happe i g o ear h.  I does have some crea ures like drago s a d mo s ers wi h o e eye.  he mai poi of he s ory is o o i spire people o believe i God, bu o awake heir pa rio ic feeli gs. O he o her ha d I would be wro g o say urkme is a does ' i erac wi h i s eighbors. We have 125 diploma ic missio s abroad i cludi g 2 co sula es i Afgha is a . We impor gas a d elec rici y o Ira a d Afgha is a .  All hese rela io ships are based o mu ual eco omic be efi s o ly. urkme is a receives some help i rai i g of i s mili ary perso el from Pakis a .

he U i ed a io s allows his ype of basic rai i g for a eu ral cou ry. he rai i g is mea o ly for defe se of a cou ry, o a a ack or spyi g o a y cou ry.             A o her misco cep io , mai ly held by people wi h a higher level of aware ess abou curre eve s i he area, is ha urkme is a does ' allow he U.S. mili ary o use i s air space or erri ory for re alia io agai s Afgha is a , eve hough urkme is a would be he seco d bes place o carry ou U.S. a acks, af er Pakis a . he rules se by U i ed a io s o eu rali y s a us do ' allow urkme is a 's erri ory o be used for mili ary ac io s.  I ca o ly be used for huma i aria aid.  urkme is a is allowi g huma i aria aid o pass hrough i s erri ory, i is allowi g airpla es of huma i aria aid o la d a d ake off from i s airpor .             A o her misco cep io ha I have a hard ime explai i g is ha urkme is a is o Russia, eve hough i used o be par of he Sovie U io for 70 years. Whe I ell people ha urkme is a was par of he Sovie U io , hey s ill hi k of urkme is a as Russia, a d herefore I am usually asked a ques io s ha hey would ask a a ive Russia .  "Does your cou ry have uclear bombs? Why were you guys maki g uclear weapo s agai s he U i ed S a es? Were your pare s Commu is s?" I have o explai ha urkme is a does ' have a y uclear weapo s because Russia reclaimed all of i s uclear weapo s af er he collapse of he Sovie U io .  I a swer o he ques io of whe her my pare s were commu is s or o , I jus say ha he all people i he Sovie U io were commu is , a d ci ize s of ha cou ry had o o her choice bu o be o e. People were prosecu ed for havi g differe ideas or beliefs abou he gover me duri g he Sovie era. Of course he Sovie U io made uclear weapo s agai s U i ed S a es, because he U i ed S a es buil he same weapo s agai s he Sovie U io .  Was he U i ed S a es he bigges e emy of he Sovie U io , or was i he o her way arou d?  Or was i bo h ways a o ce?  I he Cold War, he KGB of he Sovie U io a d he CIA of he U i ed S a es bo h spied o each o her, a d u for u a ely he prac ice is s ill co i ui g.  Bu his ime he prac ice is jus be wee Russia a d he U i ed S a es.  As a eu ral cou ry urkme is a is o i volved i i .  he U i ed a io s k ows all he mili ary power urkme is a has.  I would be aive o believe ha ei her he U i ed S a es or Russia have spies i urkme is a , bu i seems o me very u likely ha urkme is a has spies i he U i ed S a es.  Of course ha is o ly my ow opi io , based largely o he fac ha I'm o a spy myself.  (O ly a few people have asked me whe her I am, bu some imes I hi k more people wo der abou i .)             urkme is a is a cou ry wi h a a ual grow h of 9% i he Gross Domes ic Produc over he pas 10 years. Eco omically urkme is a s ill relies heavily o Russia because of he i dus ry of gas expor a io . he o ly gas pipeli es ha were buil duri g he Sovie era passed hrough Russia, a d urkme is a has o rely o ly o hose pipeli es ow. Bu if he war fi ishes i Afgha is a , a ew pipeli e will be buil hrough Afgha is a o Europe.  his pipeli e would be he mos be eficial for urkme is a . urkme is a is s ill o fully awake ed from he Sovie Laws a d regula io s.

he cou ry does ' have a comple e democracy, bu urkme is a has jus s ar i g growi g, a d democracy comes wi h ime. Wi h he o goi g war i ha regio ow, I hope his piece of i forma io helps o be er u ders a d he s a ce of urkme is a .  As for explai i g wha i is like o be a member of he i y subcul ure of urkme s ude s i he U i ed S a es, he bes expla a io I ca give is ha i would be ha dy for me o carry a copy of his essay wi h me daily.

As he turned to go, he gave Melissa's arm a tight squeeze and whispered, "My turn to teach you something. Just swing with it, darling. You'll love it." And he left. Melissa was not exactly sure of his meaning, but the older woman's searching looks had given her some idea. She took up a position at one end of the sumptuous sofa, and Glenda seated herself at the other. Carefully, she drew her legs up under her body, the slit in her long robe parting to reveal the soft whiteness of her full, fleshy thighs. The conversation began with small talk that yielded little information. It only served to generate strange quivers in Melissa's body as the older woman kept shifting her position, giving her more and more looks at the exposed flanks of her firm, womanly body. "You're aware, of course, that I rarely interview?" she said, her body edging ever closer to Melissa. "I know, and I really appreciate it." "Do you? How much?" Casually she reached over, and placed her hand under Melissa's tit. She held it a moment, bouncing the pendulous globe in her hand as if to test its weight

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