Ilya Repin

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(1844-1930)Repka ick form 11 “B”Ilya Repi (1844-1930)Ilya Efimovich Repi was bor i 1844 i a small Ukrai ia ow of chuguev i he family of a mili ary se ler. As a boy he was rai ed as a ico pai er. A he age of 19 he e ered he S . Pe ersburg Academy of Ar s. His arrival o he capi al coi cided wi h a impor a eve i ar is ic life of he 60s, he so-called ‘Rio of he Four ee ’, whe 14 you g ar is s lef he Academy havi g refused o use my hological subjec s for heir diploma works. hey s ood o he poi ha ar should be close o real life. La er Repi would be closely co ec ed wi h some of hem, he members of he Socie y of Peredvizh iky. For his diploma work Raisi g of Jairus' Daugh er(1871) Repi was awarded he Major Gold Medal a d received a scholarship for s udies abroad. Barge Haulers o he Volga(1870-1873) was he firs co siderable work pai ed by Repi af er gradua io . I immedia ely wo recog i io . I 1873, Repi we abroad. For some mo hs he had bee raveli g i I aly a d he se led a d worked i Paris up o 1876. I was i Paris ha he wi essed he firs exhibi io of he Impressio is s, bu , judgi g by he works crea ed he a d by his le ers home, he did ' become he arde follower of his ew Paris school of pai i g, hough he did ' share he opi io of some of his cou ry-me who saw a da gerous depar ure from “ he ru h of life” i Impressio ism. Af er re ur i g o Russia Repi se led i Moscow. He was a freque visi or i Abram sevo he cou ry es a e of Savva Mamo ov, o e of he mos famous Russia pa ro s of ar . I was a very frui ful period i his crea ive ac ivi y. Duri g 10-12 years Repi crea ed he majori y of his famous pai i gs. I 1877, he s ar ed o pai religious processio s (kres y khod): Kres y Khod (Religious Processio ) i Kursk Guber ia (1880-1883). he composi io was based o he drama ic effec of differe a i ude of he par icipa s of he processio o he wo der-worki g ico carried a he head of he processio . here were wo differe versio s of he pic ure. he seco d o e, comple ed i 1883, became he mos popular. A firs gla ce, he spec a or discovers a abu da ce of social ypes a d huma charac ers i he crowd . A series of pai i gs devo ed o he revolu io heme deserves special a e io . he ar is was o doub i eres ed i crea i g he charac er of a figh er for social jus ice. he ra ge of social, spiri ual a d psychological problems, which a rac ed Repi , is revealed i his works: U expec ed Re ur (1884) a d Refusal from he Co fessio (1879-1885). Repi is he au hor of ma y por rai s, which are a esse ial par of his ar is ic heri age. Repi ever pai ed faces, he pai ed real people, ma agi g o show his models i heir a ural s a e, o reveal heir way of commu ica i g wi h he world: Por rai of he Composer Modes Musorgsky (1881), Por rai of he Surgeo ikolay Pirogov (1881), Por rai of he Au hor Alexey Pisemsky (1880), Por rai of he Poe Afa asy Fe (1882), Por rai of he Ar Cri ic Vladimir S asov (1883), a d Por rai of Leo ols oy (1887) a d ma y o hers are dis i guished by he power of he visual charac eris ic a d he eco omy a d sharp ess of execu io .

Repi rarely pai ed his orical pai i gs. he mos popular i his ge re is Iva he errible a d his so Iva (1895). he expressive, i e se composi io a d psychological i sigh i re deri g he charac ers produced a u forge able impressio o he spec a ors. A o her popular work of he ge re is he Reply of he Zaporozhia Cossacks o Sul a Mahmoud IV (1880-1891). he fai hfully re dered spiri of he Zaporoguus freeme , who, accordi g o he ar is , had a par icularly s ro g se se of “liber y, equali y a d fra er i y” u doub edly gives he pic ure i s sig ifica ce. he co emporaries saw i as a symbol of he Russia people hrowi g off heir chai s. he las quar er of he 19 h ce ury is he bes period i Repi ’s work, hough his crea ive ac ivi y co i ued i he 20 h ce ury ( he ar is died i 1930), he did o pai a y mas erpieces he . Af er he bolsheviks’ revolu io i 1917 he lived a d worked i his es a e Pe a es i Fi la d. here is a Repi museum. he museum visi ors have he oppor u i y of gai i g a de ailed k owledge of he ar is 's life a d work.

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