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British monarchy and its influence upon governmental institutions

–учка "Ўприц", желта€.
Ќеобычна€ ручка в виде шприца. —остоит из пластикового корпуса с нанесением мерной шкалы. ¬нутри находитс€ жидкость желтого цвета,
31 руб
–аздел: ќригинальные ручки
Ѕрелок LED "Ћампочка" классическа€.
Ѕрелок работает в двух автоматических режимах и горит в разных цветовых гаммах. ћатериал: металл, акрил. ƒл€ работы нужны 3 батарейки
131 руб
–аздел: ћеталлические брелоки
«абавна€ пачка "5000 дублей".
ёмор Ц насто€щее богатство!  упюры в пачке выгл€д€т совсем как насто€щие, к тому же и банковской лентой перехвачены... Ќо вгл€дитесь
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he I s i u e of Ecology, Li guis ics a d Low Degree work ЂBRI ISH MO ARCHY A D I S I FLUE CE UPO GOVER ME AL I S I U IO Sї Du aeva i a Moscow, 2003 Co e s Par O e I RODUC IO he U i ed ki gdom of Grea Bri ai a d o her Irela d4 Direc mea i g of he word Ђmo archyї6 he Bri ish co s i u io al mo archy7Par wo HIS ORY OF HE MO ARCHY Ki gs a d Quee s of E gla d9 he A glo-Saxo Ki gs9 he orma s23 he A gevi s30 Par hree HE MO ARCHY ODAY he Quee ’s role91 Quee ’s role i he moder S a e91 Quee a d Commo weal h91 Royal visi s92 he Quee ’s worki g day92 Ceremo ies a d pagea ry92 he Quee ’s ceremo ial du ies93 Royal pagea ry a d radi io s93 Royal successio 93 he Royal Household93 Royal Household depar me s94 Recrui me 94 A iversaries95 Royal fi a ces95 Head of S a e expe di ure 2000-0195 Sources of fu di g96 Fi a cial arra geme s of he Pri ce of Wales96 Fi a ces of he o her members of he Royal Family96 axa io 97 Royal asse s97 Symbols98 a io al a hem98 Royal Warra s99 Ba k o es a d coi age100 S amps102 Coa s of Arms103 Grea Seal104 Flags105 Crow s a d jewels105 ra spor 105 Cars106 Carriages107 he Royal rai 108 Royal air ravel109 Par Four HE ROYAL FAMILY Members of he Royal Family111 HM he Quee 111 HRH he Duke of Edi burgh111 HRH he Pri ce of Wales a d family112 HRH he Duke of York112 RH he Earl a d Cou ess of Wessex112 HRH Pri cess Royal112 HRH Pri cess Alice113 RH he Duke a d Duchess of Glouces er113 RH he Duke a d Duchess of Ke 113 RH Pri ce a d Pri cess Michael of Ke 114 HRH Pri cess Alexa dra114 Memorial Plaque HM Quee Elizabe h he Quee Mo her115 HRH he Pri cess Margare 115 Dia a, Pri cess of Wales115 Par Five AR A D RESIDE CES he Royal Collec io 116 Abou he Royal Collec io 116 he Royal Collec io rus 117 Royal Collec io E erprises117 Publishi g118 Royal Reside ces118 Royal Collec io Galleries118 Loa s119 he Royal Reside ces119 Abou he Royal Reside ces119 Bucki gham Palace120 he Quee ’s Gallery, Bucki gham Palace120 he Royal Mews121 Wi dsor Cas le121 Frogmore122 he Palace of Holyroodhouse122 Balmoral Cas le123 Sa dri gham House123 S James’s Palace124 Ke si g o Palace124 His oric reside ces124 Bibliography126U I ED KI GDOM OF GREA BRI AI A D OR HER IRELA D Sovereig : Quee Elizabe h II (1952) Gover me : he U i ed Ki gdom is a co s i u io al mo archy a d parliame ary democracy, wi h a quee a d a Parliame ha has wo houses: he House of Lords, wi h 574 life peers, 92 heredi ary peers, 26 bishops, a d he House of Commo s, which has 651 popularly elec ed members. Supreme legisla ive power is ves ed i Parliame , which si s for five years u less soo er dissolved. he House of Lords was s ripped of mos of i s power i 1911, a d ow i s mai fu c io is o revise legisla io . I ov. 1999 hu dreds of heredi ary peers were expelled i a effor o make he body more democra ic. he execu ive power of he Crow is exercised by he cabi e , headed by he prime mi is er. Prime Mi is er: o y Blair (1997) Area: 94,525 sq mi (244,820 sq km) Popula io (2003 es .): 60,094,648 (grow h ra e: 0.1%); bir h ra e: 11.0/1000; i fa mor ali y ra e: 5.3

/1000; de si y per sq mi: 636 Capi al a d larges ci y (2000 es .): Lo do , 11,800,000 (me ro. area) O her large ci ies: Birmi gham, 1,009,100; Leeds, 721,800; Glasgow, 681,470; Liverpool, 479,000; Bradford, 477,500; Edi burgh, 441,620; Ma ches er, 434,600; Bris ol, 396,600 Mo e ary u i : Pou d s erli g (£) La guages: E glish, Welsh, Sco s Gaelic E h ici y/race: E glish 81.5%; Sco ish 9.6%; Irish 2.4%; Welsh 1.9%; Uls er 1.8%; Wes I dia , I dia , Pakis a i, a d o her 2.8% Religio s: Church of E gla d (es ablished church), Church of Wales (dises ablished), Church of Sco la d (es ablished churchЧPresby eria ), Church of Irela d (dises ablished), Roma Ca holic, Me hodis , Co grega io al, Bap is , Jewish Li eracy ra e: 99% (1978) Eco omic summary:GDP/PPP (2000 es .): $1.36 rillio ; per capi a $22,800. Real grow h ra e: 3%. I fla io : 2.4%. U employme : 5.5%. Arable la d: 25%. Agricul ure: cereals, oilseed, po a oes, vege ables; ca le, sheep, poul ry; fish. Labor force: 29.2 millio (1999); agricul ure 1%, i dus ry 19%, services 80% (1996 es .). I dus ries: machi e ools, elec ric power equipme , au oma io equipme , railroad equipme , shipbuildi g, aircraf , mo or vehicles a d par s, elec ro ics a d commu ica io s equipme , me als, chemicals, coal, pe roleum, paper a d paper produc s, food processi g, ex iles, clo hi g, a d o her co sumer goods. a ural resources: coal, pe roleum, a ural gas, i , limes o e, iro ore, sal , clay, chalk, gypsum, lead, silica, arable la d. Expor s: $282 billio (f.o.b., 2000): ma ufac ured goods, fuels, chemicals; food, beverages, obacco. Impor s: $324 billio (f.o.b., 2000): ma ufac ured goods, machi ery, fuels; foods uffs. Major radi g par ers: EU, U.S., Japa . Commu ica io s: elepho es: mai li es i use: 34.878 millio (1997); mobile cellular: 13 millio (yeare d 1998). Radio broadcas s a io s: AM 219, FM 431, shor wave 3 (1998). Radios: 84.5 millio (1997). elevisio broadcas s a io s: 228 (plus 3,523 repea ers) (1995). elevisio s: 30.5 millio (1997). I er e Service Providers (ISPs): 245 (2000). I er e users: 19.47 millio (2000). ra spor a io : Railways: o al: 16,878 km (1996). Highways: o al: 371,603 km; paved: 371,603 km (i cludi g 3,303 km of expressways); u paved: 0 km (1998 es .). Wa erways: 3,200 km. Por s a d harbors: Aberdee , Belfas , Bris ol, Cardiff, Dover, Falmou h, Felixs owe, Glasgow, Gra gemou h, Hull, Lei h, Liverpool, Lo do , Ma ches er, Pe erhead, Plymou h, Por smou h, Scapa Flow, Sou hamp o , Sullom Voe, ees, y e. Airpor s: 489 (2000 es .). I er a io al dispu es: or her Irela d issue wi h Irela d (his oric peace agreeme sig ed 10 April 1998); Gibral ar issue wi h Spai ; Arge i a claims Falkla d Isla ds (Islas Malvi as); Arge i a claims Sou h Georgia a d he Sou h Sa dwich Isla ds; Mauri ius a d he Seychelles claim Chagos Archipelago (UK-admi is ered Bri ish I dia Ocea erri ory); Rockall co i e al shelf dispu e i volvi g De mark a d Icela d; erri orial claim i A arc ica (Bri ish A arc ic erri ory) overlaps Arge i e claim a d par ially overlaps Chilea claim; dispu es wi h Icela d, De mark, a d Irela d over he Faroe Isla ds co i e al shelf bou dary ou side 200 M.

DIREC MEA I G OF HE WORD ЂMO ARCHYї Mo archy, form of gover me i which sovereig y is ves ed i a si gle perso whose righ o rule is ge erally heredi ary a d who is empowered o remai i office for life. he power of his sovereig may vary from he absolu e o ha s ro gly limi ed by cus om or co s i u io . Mo archy has exis ed si ce he earlies his ory of huma ki d a d was of e es ablished duri g periods of ex er al hrea or i er al crisis because i provided a more efficie focus of power ha aris ocracy or democracy, which e ded o diffuse power. Mos mo archies appear o have bee elec ive origi ally, bu dy as ies early became cus omary. I primi ive imes, divi e desce of he mo arch was of e claimed. Deifica io was ge eral i a cie Egyp , he Middle Eas , a d Asia, a d i was also prac iced duri g cer ai periods i a cie Greece a d Rome. A more modera e belief arose i Chris ia Europe i he Middle Ages; i s a ed ha he mo arch was he appoi ed age of divi e will. his was symbolized by he coro a io of he ki g by a bishop or he pope, as i he Holy Roma Empire. Al hough heore ically a he apex of feudal power, he medieval mo archs were i fac weak a d depe de upo he obili y for much of heir power. Duri g he Re aissa ce a d af er, here emerged “ ew mo archs” who broke he power of he obili y a d ce ralized he s a e u der heir ow rigid rule. o able examples are He ry VII a d He ry VIII of E gla d a d Louis XIV of Fra ce. he 16 h a d 17 h ce . mark he heigh of absolu e mo archy, which fou d i s heore ical jus ifica io i he doc ri e of divi e righ . However, eve he powerful mo archs of he 17 h ce . were somewha limi ed by cus om a d co s i u io as well as by he delega io of powers o s ro g bureaucracies. Such limi a io s were also fel by he “be evole despo s” of he 18 h ce . Cha ges i i ellec ual clima e, i he dema ds made upo gover me i a secular a d commercially expa di g socie y, a d i he social s ruc ure, as he bourgeoisie became i creasi gly powerful, eve ually weake ed he i s i u io of mo archy i Europe. he Glorious Revolu io i E gla d (1688) a d he Fre ch Revolu io (1789) were impor a la dmarks i he decli e a d limi a io of mo archical power. hroughou he 19 h ce . Royal power was i creasi gly reduced by co s i u io al provisio s a d parliame ary i cursio s. I he 20 h ce ., mo archs have ge erally become symbols of a io al u i y, while real power has bee ra sferred o co s i u io al assemblies. Over he pas 200 years democra ic self-gover me has bee es ablished a d ex e ded o such a ex e ha a rue fu c io i g mo archy is a rare occurre ce i bo h Eas a d Wes . Amo g he few remai i g are Bru ei, Morocco, a d Saudi Arabia. o able co s i u io al mo archies i clude Belgium, De mark, Grea Bri ai , Japa , he e herla ds, orway, Swede , a d haila d. Co s i u io al mo archy: Sys em of gover me i which a mo arch has agreed o share power wi h a co s i u io ally orga ized gover me . he mo arch may remai he de fac o head of s a e or may be a purely ceremo ial head. he co s i u io alloca es he res of he gover me 's power o he legisla ure a d judiciary.

Lisowski, A Brief History of Chinese Medicine and Its Influence (Singapore: World Scientific, 1998) Hobsbawn, Eric, The Age of Empire 1875- 1914 (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1987) вАФ¬†Age of Extremes: The Short Twentieth Century 1914- 1991 (London: Michael Joseph, 1994) вАУ¬†вАШ America вАЩs Neo-conservative World Supremacists Will FailвАЩ, Guardian, 25 June 2005 вАФ¬†Globalisation, Democracy, and Terrorism (London: Little, Brown, 2007) Howell, Jude, ed., Governance in China (Oxford: Roman and Littlefield, 2004) Hu Angang, вАШFive Major Scale Effects of China вАЩs RiseвАЩ, unpublished seminar paper, East Asia Institute, National University of Singapore, 2005 вАУ¬†вАШGreen Development: The Inevitable Choice for China, Parts One and TwoвАЩ, posted on www.chinadialogue.net (accessed 2/6/08) Huang Ping, вАШвАЬBeijing ConsensusвАЭ, or вАЬChinese ExperiencesвАЭ, or What?вАЩ, English-language unpublished paper, 2005 Huang Ping and Cui Zhiyuan, eds, China and Globalization: вАШ Washington ConsensusвАЩ, вАШ Beijing

1. British monarchy and its influence upon governmental institutions

2. British slang and its classification

3. The history of Old English and its development

4. Survey of the British Geography and Life

5. My day and its schedule

6. The British Character and English Humour
The British Character and English Humour
7. The history of England can be defined as the gradual process of Parliament asserting its authority over the monarchy
8. Drug abuse: Tendencies and ways to overcome it
Drug abuse: Tendencies and ways to overcome it

9. The USA: its history, geography and political system

10. Stereotypes influences on economic relations between the European Union countries and Russian Federation

11. Climate and Weather in Great Britain ( лимат и погода в ¬еликобритании)

12. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

13. British parliament

14. Comparison of the Renaissance and Enlightenment (—равнение –енессанса и ѕросвещени€)

15. Going public and the dividend policy of the company

16. »стори€ развити€ компьютеров (Silicon Valley, its history & the best companies)

Ќабор карандашей чернографитных "1500", 24 штуки, заточенные, металлический пенал.
 арандаш Koh-I-Noor с обозначением "1500" Ч это самый известный графитный карандаш в мире. ѕрофессиональные, высококачественные
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–аздел: „ернографитные
Ќастольна€ игра "√онки ежиков".
“опот ножек и азартное сопение целый день не утихают на лесной пол€нке. ¬ этой игре дл€ всей семьи игроки управл€ют Єжиками с помощью
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–аздел:  лассические игры
Ќабор "Ћеди Ѕаг и —упер  от" ƒизайн 2, 3 предмета (в подарочной упаковке).
Ќабор из трех предметов (кружка, салатник, тарелка) в подарочной упаковке с изображением героини из мультсериала "Ћеди Ѕаг и —упер
454 руб
–аздел: Ќаборы дл€ кормлени€

17. Radio And TV In My Life

18. Banking services in Russia: theory and fact

19. Epistemology and methodology: main trends and ends. (Ёпистемологи€ и ћетодологи€)

20. Irish and America

21. Monopolistic competition and economic efficiency (ћонополистическа€ конкуренци€ и экономическа€)

22. Regulation in telecommunications industries: Why, What and How to Regulate?
Regulation in telecommunications industries: Why, What and How to Regulate?
23. Russia and the international economy
Russia and the international economy
24. Substance abuse: Alcohol Consumption and alcohol dependence among the youth (—оциологическое исследование проблемы алкоголизма среди студентов)

25. The Irish and South America

26. ѕредставители –енессанса (Representatives of the renaissance and thair contribution to the literature)

27. Economic Relations between Kazakhstan and Russia

28. Climate and Weather in Great Britain ( лимат и погода в ¬еликобритании)

29. Lexicology. Different dialects and accents of English

30. Holidays and traditions in english-speaking countries

31. Urbanization and Urban Issues

32. Liaison between Board and CEO in Russian Oil Companies

–уль электронный "я тоже рулю".
»грушка об€зательно понравитс€ ¬ашему ребЄнку! ‘ункции: ключ зажигани€, кнопка "–азгон", реалистичный звук двигател€ и тормоза
518 руб
–аздел: –ули
¬кладыши "ѕол€нка".
”влекательный набор "ѕол€нка" состоит из игрового пол€ и 8 деталей, из которых нужно сложить фигурки. «адача малыша -
460 руб
–аздел: –амки-вкладыши
ƒавайте вместе поиграем. »гры с логическими блоками ƒьенеша.
Ёто €ркое красочное пособие поможет организовать зан€ти€ с набором блоков дл€ детей старшего дошкольного возраста.  омплект поможет
326 руб
–аздел: ѕрочие

33. The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia

34. Modern talking and C.C.Catch

35. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

36. Poland and Hungary are in Transition

37. ∆енщины и курение (WomenТs Health and Smoking)

38. History of `The Beatles` and biographies of members in english
History of `The Beatles` and biographies of members in english
39. Infant Industry Argument: Theory and Practice
Infant Industry Argument: Theory and Practice
40. British painting in the 17-18th centuries (Ѕританска€ живопись 17-18 вв.)

41. The Cinema World. Moden film festivals and film industry and stars

42. The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia

43. Music and Ballet

44. Continuity and change in Stravinskiy`s ballets. —травинский и его балеты

45. Rome and the Roman Empire

46. —имвол и таинство в богословии св. ћаксима исповедника (symbol and mystery in st.Maximus the confessor)

47. ∆енщины и курение (WomenТs Health and Smoking)

48. Liaison between Board and CEO in Russian Oil Companies

—ветильник LED "—неговик" (цвет: серебристый, 15 см).
“акой абажур станет отличным дополнением интерьера комнаты во врем€ волшебных новогодних праздников. ≈го можно поставить на полку или же
426 руб
–аздел: Ќеобычные светильники
Ёкспресс-скульптор "Ёврика", средний.
Ќасто€щее искусство в ¬аших руках! Ёкспресс-скульптор - это не только стимул€тор творческих способностей, но и точечный
943 руб
–аздел: јнтистрессы
¬елосипед Jetem "Lexus Trike Next Generation" (цвет: красный).
Jetem Lexus Trike Next Generation Ч это детский велосипед с ручкой-толкателем дл€ родител€. ќдна из лучших моделей по соотношению
2488 руб
–аздел: “рехколесные

49. Banking services in Russia: theory and fact

50. Russia and the international economy

51. Ћекции по IT экономике

52. Infant Industry Argument: Theory and Practice

53. The Impact the Civil War 1861-1865 on Economic, Politic and Industry Development in the USA

54. Blood, sweat and tears
Blood, sweat and tears
55. Quality of life and management of living resources
Quality of life and management of living resources
56. Hatfield and the North
Hatfield and the North

57. Earth, Wind and Fire

58. Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young

59. Respiration and Respiratory Systems

60. Protectionnism and Free Trade in Economical Doctrines

61. TV and Radio

62. Accounting and Finance in AS Diena

63. Presents in Russia and America

64. American Revolution and War for Independence

Ќабор из 6 фигурок "ƒикие животные —евера", арт. PH020406A15.
Ётот набор игрушечных животных будет очень кстати, когда мальчик решит устроить импровизированный заповедник. ¬ комплект вход€т 6 фигурок
396 руб
–аздел: ƒикие животные
Ќабор дл€ творчества "“опиарий новогодний" (26 см).
¬ набор входит: 1. ѕенопластовые заготовки: шар диаметром 6 см. и диаметром 2 см. (10 штук). 2. –азноцветные листы FOM EVA и готова€
475 руб
–аздел: ѕоделки по созданию предметов из пластика, полимеров, стекла
Ўарики пластиковые, цветные, 100 штук.
ѕластиковые шарики - весела€ игра дл€ малышей, ими можно играть где угодно - дома, на улице, в детском саду, наполн€ть детский манеж,
638 руб
–аздел: Ўары дл€ бассейна

65. Uranus and Neptune

66. The British Educational System

67. British vs. American English

68. Education and future profession

69. Sports in Great Britain, the USA and Russia

70. Sports and healthy lifestyle
Sports and healthy lifestyle
71. The uniqueness of the British
The uniqueness of the British
72. Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland
Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland

73. International organizations and international co-operation

74. The British people

75. Legal and linguistic aspects of translating english legal terminology

76. Period of lithuanian and polish rule (1360-1599)

77. British holidays

78. Sports and games

79. The British Press

80. Books and Reading

Ќабор подарочный дл€ новорождЄнного "ћой малыш".
«апечатлите мимолетные мгновени€ жизни ¬ашего ребенка с помощью необычного набора дл€ новорождЄнного «ћой малыш». –амка дл€
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–анец "Generic. Wild Horse".
–азмер: 37х27х21 см. –аскладной школьный ранец об€зательно привлечет внимание вашего ребенка. –анец выполнен из современного легкого и
2567 руб
–аздел: Ѕез наполнени€
 ачели детские подвесные " лассик —".
ѕодвесные качели " лассик —" - это веселый домашний аттракцион дл€ самых маленьких детей.  ачели подвешиваютс€ с помощью прочных
450 руб
–аздел:  ачели

81. Television and advertisement

82. The Weather and Climate Fluctuations

83. Keepihg fit and doing sports

84. Customs and traditions

85. Robin Hood and Norman Barons

86. Alcohol and the Workplace
Alcohol and the Workplace
87. Judaism and the Jewish People
Judaism and the Jewish People
88. Robin Hood and The Sheriff
Robin Hood and The Sheriff

89. Relations between Ukraine and English-speaking countries

90. Fauvism between 1901 and 1906

91. Cézanne, Paul: From Impressionism to Classicism and Cubism

92. Books and libraries

93. The development of computers in ukraine and the former USSR

94. KOREA People and History in Harmony

95. Allocation of powers between directors and shareholders

96. Internal Structure of a Proton and New Method of Receiving of Energy

ѕростой, компактный и безопасный дл€ вас и вашего ребенка табурет-подставка. ќригинальна€ форма в сочетании с рельефной поверхностью
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ћашинка "Ѕибикар (Bibicar)" с полиуретановыми колесами, зелена€.
Ёта модель оснащена улучшенными колесами, выполненными из высококачественного полиуретана. “еперь езда на этой удивительной машинке стала
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 араоке микрофон "Ћюбимые песенки".
¬ каждом микрофоне Ц 12 попул€рных песенок известных композиторов: "”лыбка", "ѕусть бегут неуклюже", "“анец
342 руб
–аздел: ћикрофоны

97. Internet helps in development of education and democracy

98. Essay: Lev Tolstoy and England

99. Youth Drinking: Risk Factors and Consequences

100. The Higher school and the ways to science

ѕоиск –ефератов на сайте za4eti.ru ¬ы студент, и у ¬ас нет времени на выполнение письменных работ (рефератов, курсовых и дипломов)? ћы сможем ¬ам в этом помочь. ¬озможно, ¬ам подойдет что-то из ѕ≈–≈„Ќя ѕ–≈ƒћ≈“ќ¬ » ƒ»—÷»ѕЋ»Ќ, ѕќ  ќ“ќ–џћ ¬џѕќЋЌяё“—я –≈‘≈–ј“џ,  ”–—ќ¬џ≈ » ƒ»ѕЋќћЌџ≈ –јЅќ“џ. 
¬ы можете поискать нужную ¬ам работу в  ќЋЋ≈ ÷»» √ќ“ќ¬џ’ –≈‘≈–ј“ќ¬,  ”–—ќ¬џ’ » ƒ»ѕЋќћЌџ’ –јЅќ“, выполненных преподавател€ми московских ¬”«ов за период более чем 10-летней работы. Ёти работы ¬ы можете бесплатно — ј„ј“№.