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Genetic Manipulation

Совок №5.
Длина совка: 22 см. Цвет в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
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Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо, планеты", черный.
Оригинальный светильник-ночник-проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фанариков); 2) Три
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Горшок торфяной для цветов.
Рекомендуются для выращивания крупной рассады различных овощных и цветочных, а также для укоренения саженцев декоративных, плодовых и
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Huma By Sve la a Leva ova, 512 AE Ge es are worki g por io s of D A a d he biological u i s of heredi y. Specific ge es code for specific rai s ha are fou d i a give orga ism. For example, o e ge e may code for eye color while a o her o e may code for shoe size. D A is a ex remely complica ed biological sys em. Ma y, if o mos diseases s em from a defec i o e's ge e ic code. here are wo ways for o e o ge a ge e ic defec or mu a io . A mu a io ca be i heri ed from o e or bo h pare s, or a ge e ic mu a io ca be acquired. Ge e herapy is he process by which cells are supplied wi h heal hy copies of missi g, flawed, or desirable ge es. Ge e herapy ca possibly be a cure for he ge e ic mu a io s ha are co s a ly occurri g i a ure. here is a hea ed discussio i he socie y abou bo h ge e ically modified food a d huma ge e e gi eeri g a d he possible repercussio from hem, which we may be able o ge o ly i a cer ai period of ime. S ill his bur i g issue has argume s bo h i favor of a d agai s ge e ech ology. he success of ge e ic ma ipula io will resul i a be er quali y of life for people. early all diseases ca po e ially be cured. Ca cer will be wiped ou , as ca cer causi g ge e ic defec s will o lo ger be a problem. As a resul of ge e ic es i g, risk preve io is also a be efi . If I fi d ha I am ge e ically i cli ed o have a hear a ack, I ca reshape my habi s arou d my ge e ic disposi io s. Or, if I k ow ha I have a recessive ge e for a disease, I will k ow o o have a child by a o her perso wi h ha ge e. Also we ge more ha jus medical be efi s. If i is fou d ou ha ge es are respo sible for he work of he mi d, ha who is o say ha someday people wo ' be able o e dow heir childre wi h cer ai quali ies. Ma y see his as a adva age. Before my child is eve co ceived, I ca give him brow hair, gree eyes, 6 fee i heigh a d a i ellec o ma ch! I a u shell, he be efi s are lo g lives, less disease a d ailored childre . As for he argume s agai s ge e ech ology, here are ma y e hical a d religious reaso s agai s ge e ma ipula io . Ma y say ha i will be a i vasio of o e's ge e ic privacy. O ce he ech ology becomes widespread, ge e ic es i g will be ma da ed, a d ge e ic i forma io will have o be disclosed. Ma y people do ' wa o k ow abou heir ow ge e ic des i y, le alo e allow o hers o k ow. he fac ha ge e ic i forma io may o e day become easily accessible leads o he possibili y of ge e ic discrimi a io a d viola io of ge e ic privacy. People ca mos cer ai ly be judged a d oppressed o he basis of ge e ic i forma io as well as ski color. Why should I hire a ma who has a ge e ic risk of developi g hear disease? Why should I offer him i sura ce? Ma y people feel ha ge e ic ech ology will have orga iza io al problems. For example, ha he prac ice will be poorly regula ed a d ha people ca do as hey please wi h developi g ge e ic e gi eeri g. Also, i is feared ha his ew ech ology will be available o ly o he weal hy, for heir ow be efi a d exploi a io . People fear also he fac ha ge e ically modified huma s will decrease he diversi y of he huma species, which will make he huma popula io suscep ible o diseases.

his is a far-fe ched o io , bu he possibili y exis s. Fi ally, i is feared ha crea i g ew ypes of people is u dermi i g God's a ural order. Jus as above i was s a ed as a be efi , ma y also view havi g he power o &quo ;selec &quo ; your child as a problem. hey feel he huma s should o have he power o crea e a child like i is some sor of machi ery. Life should be held i higher regard ha ha . Huma curiosi y a d i ova io will always ma age o co jure up some sor of scie ific break hrough. Ge e ic ma ipula io is o excep io . Like all ew ech ologies, i has i s pros a d co s ha mus be weighed. he po e ial for reward a d for disas er are bo h grea i his issue. Wi h sufficie regula io a d respo sibili y, he be efi s of ge e ic ma ipula io ca far ou weigh he drawbacks. I is a si ua io ha mus be ha dled delica ely.

The Hawaiian islands have more species of fruit fly than anywhere else in the world, with a vast diversity of form. One looks like a hammerhead shark, with huge protuberances on either side of its head. DNA hybridisation shows that this wild evolutionary euphoria is accompanied by almost no change in the genetic material. Brains and behaviour are what separate humans from any other animal. Since the split from chimps, the brain has added about a thousand cells a year. The human brain is five times larger than would be expected for a typical primate of the same size. The genes involved lose their importance in a measure of average genetic difference; and the brain itself produces a whole set of intellectual and cultural attributes that appear once a crucial level or intelligence has been reached and are not coded for by genes at all. Somewhere in that brain, or what it is thinking, is what makes us different. Although it shares most of its DNA with humans, no chimp can speak. Some claim that they can manipulate symbols in a primitive 'language' (and trained parrots can do almost as well)

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