Choosing a career

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Everyo e eeds a leas o e professio i his life. So whe you begi spe di g sleepless igh s hi ki g abou a job a d mo ey, whe you hi k lo gi gly of he pla s for he fu ure i 's o doub abou i you're ready o choose mos sui able career for you. So i he world here are very a d very ma y differe professio s: you ca work wi h people as a doc or, a lawyer, a recep io is , a eacher, e c.; o he e erprise, ba k, school a d s a e i s i u io . A d wha ki d of a professio you choose is mai ly depe d o yourself. A d I hi k i 's very difficul ask for everybody. A d ow here is such si ua io i he life ha i is very difficul o fi d some wor hy job especially sui able for you. So if you wa some-how o ge a gob, you ca make pla s for he fu ure whe you s udy s ill a school. I 's a good idea o ake differe fac ors i o accou : job sa isfac io - your fu ure job mus sa isfy you; mo ey - i 's impor a ha your fu ure professio mus be well-paid or you mus have a high salary o suppor he family, e c; good co di io s; rai i g; raveli g a d so o ; he place of work -i he office, from home, i he ope area, abroad, e c. I he pas , whe I was a age of 10, I dream of becomi g a lawyer because I wa ed o be like Maso from he Sa a-Barbara. He was very e erge ic, alka ive, i ve ive, e erprise, crea ive, adve urous a d e husias ic. I wa ed o work wi h people a d help hem. Bu ow I ca say ha I made up my mi d wha o do i he fu ure. I hi k I have a ap i ude for worki g wi h figures a d solvi g fi a cial problems a d I am i eres ed i k owi g how mo ey is made. So I hi k I ca work as a eco omis i he fi a cial field. I hi k ha i is more i dema d ow especially i ba ks where a really good specialis ca have a lo of mo ey. he success of his professio depe ds o mai ly my educa io . So I wa o e er o he Vya ka S a e ech ical U iversi y o he social-eco omics facul y i spi e of he very high compe i io . I hi k I'll be able o e er here because I have a good k owledge of E glish a d ma hema ics o pass he exams. So whe I'll fi ish he U iversi y I'm goi g o work i he fa her's office as a fi a cial co sul a a d specialis i his field. I hi k I will o disappoi my fa her abou his job because I'm e erge ic, commu ica ive, e erprise a d quick by a ure.

No, it's more than that. It's companionship, the sharing of things, and love." "What what if I said I didn't want you to marry her, that I was totally against it? Would you still marry her?" He was silent for a moment as he thought about this and she knew she was putting him on the spot, forcing him to possibly choose between his daughter and the woman he now loved. "I don't know, sweetheart," he answered softly. "I would never do anything to intentionally make you unhappy, or to hurt you, and you know that. But I do have to look out for my own life as well. "After all, you will be leaving home soon, either in your career, or starting a life of your own, a family of your own with a man you love, and that will leave me sitting here alone." "I would never leave you alone, Daddy," she told him, looking up into his eyes. "I love you and I just want you to be happy. Butwell, couldn't you put off marrying Susan for a while? Like, until after I graduate from college? That's only two more years, and if you two really love each other, it won't be all that long." Before her father could answer, there was a knock on the front door, causing them both to jump slightly

1. Choosing a career

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