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Classical Wrestling

Горшок торфяной для цветов.
Рекомендуются для выращивания крупной рассады различных овощных и цветочных, а также для укоренения саженцев декоративных, плодовых и
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Раздел: Горшки, ящики для рассады
Гуашь "Классика", 12 цветов.
Гуашевые краски изготавливаются на основе натуральных компонентов и высококачестсвенных пигментов с добавлением консервантов, не
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Раздел: 7 и более цветов
Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо и планеты", фиолетовый.
Оригинальный светильник - ночник - проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фонариков) 2) Три
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Vladicavcasia Huma i aria Lyceum HE REPOR OF HE PUPIL OF HE 7 FORMUruimagov Kazbek Vladicavkas 2004. I RODUC IO his summer Hasa Boroev, my u cle’s disciple, became he bes wres ler i he Greek-Roma class, i he world. A d I decided o wri e a repor o his heme. Because I was proud of my u cle a d I decided o ell you abou his u famous ki d of spor i our republic. While fi di g he i forma io I decided o make my heme wider. A d bega fi di g i forma io abou all old spor s we had i our small republic. I’ve fou d such spor s as: wres li g, horse ridi g, bicycle spor a d so o . oday I wa o ell you abou hem. I’m sure you’ll become i eres ed. he firs wres ler A he begi i g of our se cury i Russia he ame of he grea ose ia wres ler emirbola Dudarovich Ka ukov was famous. his “boga yr” developed u usually. Before he was 1 year old, he was very small, feeble a d delica e. he he bega o grow quickly. Whe he was 10 years old he worked wi h his fa her cu i g rees i he fores . A d whe he was 5 years old he worked wi h logs himself. Whe Bola was 15, he was 2m 24sm lo g a d weighed 200 kg. emirbola (Bola) Dudarovich Ka ukov was called “Kazbek”- a mou ai . Bola was very ki d a d u cu i g. His eighbors of e made him ake exams i his s re g h. A d Bola easily ma aged o pass hem. His family was ’ big - a wife, a daugh er a d a adop ed so Vasiliy. Bola adap ed him whe Vasiliy was 2,5 years old. He loved him o less ha a daugh er. I was hard o hide such big ma i a small village of Koba , a d emirbola did ’ like o si i his mou ai es . Bola asked his fa her a d we o Vladicavcas, where he urkish circus was showi g i s ricks, a d asked he bas wres ler o have a ma ch, wi h Bola. He easily wo he “bu cher”. hus emirbola became a circus wres ler. He liked o wres le i par erre. Faci g Bola his rival could ’ s a d o his legs. I 1904 Bola Ka ukov became a professio al wres ler a d played o he circus are a more ha 10 years. He did ’ have a y ech ique, bu he wo his rivals wi h he help of s re g h a d courage. He wo ma y famous wres lers. Las ime Bola wres led i 1917 i Baku. I was par i g a d ha ’s why he hardes ma ch. I is e ough o say ha his rivals were world champio s. Whe he wo las ma ch he bowed s a di g o he sai poi of are a, which was small for him. He s ayed i he wres li g his ory as a very s ro g ma . emirbola died wi h u usual dea h. He lay o he dry grou d. Af er he s orm he could ’ s a d, he was brough o he house ill. He lay i bed for 3weeks a d died. Bola was bored i Mayskoe village. I 1934 his daugh er died. Duri g he Grea Pa rio ic War Vasiliy, his adop ed so , fough a d died as a hero.His ory here is o doub ha he vic ories of wres lers i free s yle were caused mai ly by he fac ha he mos par of fu ure champio s came from classical wres li g he grea &quo ;freers&quo ; coach Asla bek Zaharovich Dzgoev used o repea : &quo ;Classic is always classic&quo ;. As a Peculiar example of ose ia wres lers, of classical s yle, we may call emirbola Ka ukov. he glory of his s re g h was rumbli g i all cou ry.

Before he Grea Pa rio ic War Kerme a d Pe er ukkaevs, Pe er A diev, Mus afa akov a d o hers gli ered o he are a. akov became a bro ze champio of USSR i 1939. A ha ime i was very perfec . Vik or Pavlov wo o less. Si ce 1924 o 1941 obody could wi him i he republic a d i he whole Caucasus. La er Vic or Radio ovich s ar ed o coach a d prepared a grea umber of good wres lers be wee hem here are A. ukkaev, A. Makoev, V. Gacolaev a d o hers. Grea was a share o he developme of classical wres li g of Michael Ogladze. His wres lers Pe er A diev, Boris Bur acev became he Caucasia champio s o o ce. Bu he special prosperi y of classical wres li g came a he e d of 50 h a he begi i g of 60 h, ma y wo derful spor sme wo ma y i er a io al a d USSR compe i io s be wee hem are Kerme Same ov's, Michael Ogladze's a d Asla Dzgoev's wres lers — wi ers of RSFSR compe i io s of ma y years. A d A a oly Kirov, which came o Vladicavkas o s udy, while he was here he wo a world champio ship. auzbek Dzahsorov, Boris Abaev, amir Marzaga ov, Boris Basiev a d Shaukuz Dzarasov had bo h good me hods i free a d i classical s yle. We ca ame ma y good wres lers i la er ime, be wee hem here are he Sume ov bro hers, a d Sidakov bro hers. here were differe mome s i he his ory of classical wres li g. I was famous a d o . Bu i all imes here were me , who did ’ le his ki d of spor disappear be wee hem Asla bek Hamurov, Emzar Karalidze a d Vladimir Uruimagov are mai ly due o his effor s rece ly his ki d of spor s has go he i creasi g populari y. For a lo g ime i our republic was o ly o e school, which was headed by Rober Gouchmazov. oday specialis s alk abou you g Ose ia &quo ;boga yrs” such as ar Camakaev, De is Forov, A zor o rov, Valery Cuckuev a d Hasa Baroev, became wice Russia champio a d world champio i you g ca egory of 97kg. I his weigh Vladimir Uruimagov became a USSR champio , a d ow he rai s Hasa . Became Alexa der Dulaev, Ras islav Bud uev, became Russia wi ers, a d ow i is Hasa 's ur . A he age of 17 he became a mas er of spor i ass a Greece-Roma wres li g s yle. I 2001 Hasa cha ged weigh ca egory for l20 kg. I his ca egory Alexa der Kareli wo his coevals i Russia a d i he world, a d i 2002 he wo De is Forov who wo Europea compe i io . I 2003 Hasa wo Rulo Gard er, who wo Alexa der Kareli o Olympic Games. owadays he ex “co gress” of he bes wres lers i our pla e ook place i he suburb of Fre ch capi al i Kre ey. here were more people ha i he las years, as he price of he Olympic wi s became higher. I ’s i eres i g ha he gold medals we o five cou ries. A d o ly Russia has wo he valuables rou ds. he world proud o our cou ry, brough Hasa Boroev a d Aleksey Glushkov. Bu u for u a ely eam has he seco d place. I ’s s ra ge ha i four ca egories our wres lers have o place i Olympic Games. Hasa Baroev he you ges world champio i he his ory of wres leri g .Paris was beau iful i ha igh . Our coaches were walki g o i s s ree a d exul ed – we had he firs golde medal. Hasa Boroev brough i o us; Hasa became 21 a he 1s of December. I spri e of bad resul s o he Europe champio ship, he mai coach of our eam ook Hasa o he world champio ship.

A d Hasa wo . He we o hese medals a a k. Bu he collided wi h he wall a he 1/8 of he fi al his wall was Rulo Gard er. ha , wres lers wo Aleksa dr Kareli o Olympic Games. Bu i ’s o all; i 2001 he became a world. Champio before he ma ch Gard er said ha Hasa has a good ech ique, bu he was sure ha he’ll wi . Hasa wo 3:0 a d his is all. he Hasa easily wo rivals o e af er o e. he las ma ch was he hardes a d he wo i 3:1. Hasa Boroev is a disciple of Vladimir Uruimagov, his a o her wres ler De is Forov became a world champio i his age ca egory i urkey, a d Vladislav Kokoev had a bro ze medal. I his i erview o magazi e “Classical Wres li g” Hasa said ha he had bee bor i Dusha be, bu whe he had bee i e, his family had go e o Vladicavkas. A d here i 1997 he me Vladimir Borisovich Uruimagov his family is ’ small – hree sis ers, fa hers Mahar, mo her Raisa a d Vladimir Borisovich, hey are very, frie dly. Vladimir is wi h hree years ago ha ks o preside of Moscow “ orpedo” Aleksey Kim, Hasa bega o life i Moscow. A d i a io al eam Hasa rai ma y famous coaches.

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1. Classicism

2. Is the nature of quantum chaos classical?

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