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Impact of Evolution on Human Thought Evolution

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Длина совка: 22 см. Цвет в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
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Забавная пачка денег "100 долларов".
Купюры в пачке выглядят совсем как настоящие, к тому же и банковской лентой перехвачены... Но вглядитесь внимательней, и Вы увидите
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Крючки с поводками Mikado SSH Fudo "SB Chinu", №4BN, поводок 0,22 мм.
Качественные Японские крючки с лопаткой. Крючки с поводками – готовы к ловле. Высшего качества, исключительно острые японские крючки,
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Farid Gazizov Impac of Evolu io o Huma hough Evolu io Evolu io by defi i io of Webs er dic io ary is a gradual developme of simple ma ers i o more complex. Whe mos of he people hear “evolu io ” i associa es wi h developme or his ory of he ear h. His ory of he ear h compiles of gazillio s of s eps. he very firs s ep i our his ory is a bir h of he ear h, which ook place over 4 billio years ago. “Powerful elescopes reveal ew s ars coalesci g from galac ic dus , jus as our su did more ha 4.5 billio years ago. he ear h i self formed shor ly hereaf er, whe rock, dus , a d gas circli g he su co de sed i o he pla e s of our solar sys em. Fossils of primi ive microorga isms show ha life had emerged o ear h by abou 3.8 billio years ago ( eachi g abou evolu io a d he a ural of Scie ce, ch. 1).”Ma y people hroughou he ce uries have bee ryi g o fi d expla a io s o he ques io s like: Why are surrou di g us hi gs he way hey are?; why some ype of a imals resemble a o her o e? I was hard o a swer hese ques io s wi hou proper ools, experie ce a d backgrou d k owledge. Eve owadays, o all ques io s are a swered. Darwi was he firs huma who succeeded i respo di g o hese ques io s. He was he firs o e who pu discovered fac s a d k owledge available by his ime i o e big pic ure. I a emp s o explai he his ory Darwi crea ed he mos ou s a di g achieveme of huma bei gs ha had e ormous impac of our hi ki g—evolu io ary hi ki g. Er es Mayer, i his book “O e Lo g Argume ” says followi g abou impac of Darwi ’s work o huma hi ki g.“I is almos impossible for a moder perso o projec back o he early half of he i e ee h ce ury a d reco s ruc he hi ki g of his pre-Darwi ia period, so grea has bee he impac of Darwi ism o our views (E. Mayr, pp. 1)For our fur her discussio , o e should explici ly dis i guish be wee evolu io a d evolu io ary heory. Evolu io (his ory) is a serious of fac s ha occurred si ce he bir h of he ear h, while evolu io ary heory is he bes way available owadays o explai why evolu io happe ed he way i happe ed, bu o o herwise. Bo h evolu io a d evolu io ary heory make series of claims. Some of hem are seco dary a d some are primary. Primary claims if proved wro g, would cha ge e ire heory.Primary Claims of Evolu io he ear h is over 4 billio years old. I he pas whe ech ology was o very developed i was hard o prove age of he ear h. Scie is s had bee agi g by measuri g he ra e of sedime a io . A o her me hod of defi i g age, which was used i 1800s, is o ici g wha ki ds of fossil rocks have. Curre ly i is do e by chemical a alysis of composi io of fossil.“Some eleme s such as ura ium, u dergo radioac ive decay o produce o produce o her eleme s. By measuri g he qua i ies of radioac ive eleme s a d eleme s i o which hey decay i rocks, geologis s ca de ermi e how much ime has elapsed si ce he rock cooled from i i ially mol e s a e ( eachi g Abou Evolu io a d he a ure of Scie ce).”Life o he ear h did o appear righ af er appeara ce of he ear h. he firs si gs of life were da ed abou 550 millio years ago accordi g o he oldes fossils.

his fac does o specifically mea ha where was o life forms before ha ime. Life forms were very simple a d lacked hard par s like bo es or shells a d could rarely preserve i he fossils. “However, a few pre-Cambria orga isms lef races of heir exis e ce. Some a cie rocks co ai s roma oli ies— he rem a s of bac eria ha grew i colum s like s acked pa cakes ( eachi g Abou Evolu io , ch. 3, pp. 2)Ex i c io is a major fea ure of biological evolu io . I is i a igh co ec io wi h a ural selec io . a ural selec io works o ly by mea s of survivi g of cha ges, i some se se useful, a d herefore, s riki g roo . I he co seque ce, fas i crease of he umbers of all orga ic ma ers i geome rical progressio , every a ural habi a already filed o he limi s by i s habi a s. From his i follows hose more adap ed forms will i crease i umbers a d less adap ed, will decrease i umbers a d become rare. Rari y of he form is a predecessor of he ex i c io . Every form represe ed by small umbers of i dividuals has big cha ces for a comple e ex i c io i co seque ce of sig ifica clima ic swi gs wi hi a year or i co seque ce of emporary i crease of e emies. Species, mos abu da of i dividuals, have he bigges cha ces for appeara ce a a y par icular ime of favorable cha ges. Rare i dividuals will a a y par icular ime cha ge a d perfec a a slower pace a d i co seque ce of ha will be defea ed i a life s ruggle wi h cha ged a d improved desce da s of more commo i dividuals. From his i follows ha si ce wi h a passage of ime a ural selec io “crea es” ew species, ha o her species become more rare, a d fi ally ex i c . For example, duri g layi g eggs seaso , sea ur les hay hu dreds of housa ds eggs. While ha chi g a d ge i g o he ocea mos of he ge era io becomes easy pray of sea birds. Si ce jus ha ched ur les do o have a hard cover ha could pro ec hem, ma y of hem dye i he ocea . By ma uri y ime o ly abou o e ou of housa d ur les s ay alive. Curre ly here are billio s of livi g orga isms ha i habi he ear h, bu hey represe o ly arou d o e perce of all livi g orga isms ha have ever lived o he ear h si ce i s bir h. i e y i e perce dyed ou .1 A o her example ha mecha isms of evolu io ary cha ge are observable a d verifiable is he o e described by He ry Wal er Ba es. “I 1862, He ry Wal er Ba es made brillia use of he Darwi ia mecha ism of a ural selec io aski g why i is ha some species of bu erfly very closely mimic species of bu erfly, esse ially qui e differe , Ba es proved beyo d doub ha he a swer lies i adap ive adva age brough abou by a ural selec io . he mimicked i sec s are highly dis as eful o birds who hi k ha hey belo g o dis as eful species. Ba es showed experime ally ha birds lear o avoid dis as eful i sec s, a d ha he closer he mimic, he less cha ge here is ha he i sec will be ea e .”Seco dary Claims of Evolu io Whe he ear h appeared for he firs ime i was very differe from i s curre co di io s. he surface of he ear h was represe ed by bare bedrock. A he ime of i s bir h, he ear h represe ed cold ma er, close by i s composi io o me eori es.

Ma erial i was mad of, co ai ed radioac ive eleme s. I co seque ce of he hea excre io while radioac ive decomposi io of he core a d gravi a io al compressio . However, because of co i uous loss of hea hrough he surface a d lack of radia io hea comple e mel i g of he ear h did o happe . I resul of ear h’s mel i g, wa er a d differe gases were brough up o he surface. his wa er bega forma io of hydrosphere. Loca io of co i e s a d ocea s were very differe . Accordi g o Wege er’s hypo hesize, which he la er suppor ed by evide ce, ear h’s co i e s used o be a si gle la d, which was called Pa gea. Abou wo hu dred millio years ago Africa a d Sou h America slowly bega heir moveme oward heir curre loca io . Wege er suppor ed his hypo hesize by geological a d biological evide ce. A he place where he co i e s were alig ed, were fou d fossilized a imals a d pla s da ed more ha wo hu dred millio years old. Besides, if Africa a d Sou h America had always bee separa e co i e s as hey are ow, bo h of hem would have had very differe flora a d fau a, which are o .S ar i g a 1950 up o 1970 evide ce begi exposi g o he world ha suppor hypo hesis of co i e ’s slow moveme . So ar mappi g of he ocea floor showed wi di g, co i uous ridges sys em arou d he pla e . he ridges appeared where mol e ma er was comi g up from he ear h’s i side. o o ly opography of he ear h has cha ged, bu composi io a mosphere has cha ged as well. Curre a mosphere co ai s a lo of oxyge , which is resul of exis e ce of life. Duri g pho osy hesis, gree pla s co sume wa er a d dioxide a d release oxyge i a mosphere. his is co sidered o be a seco dary claim because eve if he ear h would o developed as i co sidered, i would have o impac o evolu io ary heory. Origi of huma bei g was a i eres of huma more ha origi of pla a d a imals. A emp o u ders a d a d explai origi of huma s is expressed i religio s, lege ds of all ki d of rails a d folks. For a lo g period of ime scie ce k owledge were abrup a d i comple e i order o solve a problem of huma origi . O ly i 1857 Darwi expressed hypo hesis, a d i 1871 i his book “ he Origi of ma a d rela io o sex,” co vi celly proved ha huma s origi a e from pre-exis i g huma like, bu were o crea ed by i ellige desig er. Role of social fac ors, which was poi ed ou by Darwi , was de ailly described by Fredrik E gels i his book “Role of labor i he process of ur i g ape i o huma s.” (1896)Huma a d ver ebra es commo ess is s ro gly suppor ed by similar arra geme of i er al orga s: skele o , erve sys em, blood sys em, respira io , a d diges io . Rudime s a d a avisms are very impor a evide ces of huma rela ed ess o a imals. here are abou 90 rudime s i huma body: coccyx bo e (remai i g of he reduced ail); folds i he cor er of he eyes (remai i g of he bli ki g ympa um; hi body hair (remai i g of he hair). All hese rudime s are i heri ed from a a imal a ces or. A ex er al ail, which some imes people are bor wi h, is rela ed o a avisms. A o her a avism is aba do hair o he face a d body. Commo de ails of he body arra geme are evide ce of close rela ive ess of huma a d a hropoids: wris wi h fla ails, shape of eyes a d years, he same umber of ca i e a d molar ee h, comple e cha ge of baby ee h, a d so for h.

On Some Problems of Inheritance // Needham J., Green D. E. (Eds.). Perspectives in Biochemistry. London, Cambridge University Press, 1937, p. 99), и литературу, на которую он ссылается). 249 Возникновение новых проблемных ситуаций можно описать как изменение или дифференциацию «экологической ниши» организма или окружающей среды, имеющей существенное значение для данного организма. (Это можно, вероятно, назвать «отбором среды обитания», ср. Luii В. Ontogenetic Evolution in Frogs // Evolution. Lancaster (Pa.), 1948, Vol.2, 1, pp. 29-39) И тот факт, что любое изменение в организме, характере его поведения или месте его пребывания создает новые проблемы, объясняет необыкновенное многообразие (всегда пробных) решений. 250 См. примечание 23, где приводятся ссылки на высказывания Комптона об «эмерджентной эволюции». 251 Метод проб и устранения ошибок не предполагает абсолютно случайных или беспорядочных проб (как иногда предполагают); как бы случайно ни выглядели иногда эти пробы, в них всегда должно быть по крайней мере «последействие» ("after-effect") в том смысле, в каком этот термин используется в моей книге "The Logic of Scientific Discovery", p. 162 и далее

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Помпа для воды "HotFrost", A6, механическая.
Цвет корпуса: синий/серый. Тип установки: на бутыль. Тип помпы: механический. Тип крана: кнопка на корпусе. Количество кранов: 1. Материал
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