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American Literature books summary

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We are lucky o prese youShor Summaries of he Books You Have o Read i he course of he E glish Li era ure by S ulov hursday, April 3 2002Co e s A OVERVIEW OF HE DEVELOPME FROM HE 17 H O HE 20 H CE URIES2 he Adve ures of Huckleberry Fi 5 ALL HE KI G’S ME 14 CA CH-22 22 he Ca cher i he Rye31 A FAREWELL O ARMS 36 he Grapes of Wra h41 he Grea Ga sby47 Lo g Day's Jour ey I o he igh 49 Moby Dick54 he Scarle Le er64 Slaugh erhouse Five68 he Sou d a d he Fury74 he S ree car amed ”Desire”88 A OVERVIEW OF HE DEVELOPME FROM HE 17 H O HE 20 H CE URIESLike o her a io al li era ures, America li era ure was shaped by he his ory of he cou ry ha produced i . For almos a ce ury a d a half, America was merely a group of colo ies sca ered alo g he eas er seaboard of he or h America co i e --colo ies from which a few hardy souls e a ively ve ured wes ward. Af er a successful rebellio agai s he mo herla d, America became he U i ed S a es, a a io . By he e d of he 19 h ce ury his a io ex e ded sou hward o he Gulf of Mexico, or hward o he 49 h parallel, a d wes ward o he Pacific. By he e d of he 19 h ce ury, oo, i had ake i s place amo g he powers of he world--i s for u es so i errela ed wi h hose of o her a io s ha i evi ably i became i volved i wo world wars a d, followi g hese co flic s, wi h he problems of Europe a d Eas Asia. Mea while, he rise of scie ce a d i dus ry, as well as cha ges i ways of hi ki g a d feeli g, wrough ma y modifica io s i people's lives. All hese fac ors i he developme of he U i ed S a es molded he li era ure of he cou ry. he 17 h ce ury America li era ure a firs was a urally a colo ial li era ure, by au hors who were E glishme a d who hough a d wro e as such. Joh Smi h, a soldier of for u e, is credi ed wi h i i ia i g America li era ure. His chief books i cluded A rue Rela io of . . . Virgi ia . . . (1608) a d he ge erall His orie of Virgi ia, ew E gla d, a d he Summer Isles (1624). Al hough hese volumes of e glorified heir au hor, hey were avowedly wri e o explai colo izi g oppor u i ies o E glishme . I ime, each colo y was similarly described: Da iel De o 's Brief Descrip io of ew York (1670), William Pe 's Brief Accou of he Provi ce of Pe sylva ia (1682), a d homas Ashe's Caroli a (1682) were o ly a few of ma y works praisi g America as a la d of eco omic promise.Such wri ers ack owledged Bri ish allegia ce, bu o hers s ressed he differe ces of opi io ha spurred he colo is s o leave heir homela d. More impor a , hey argued ques io s of gover me i volvi g he rela io ship be wee church a d s a e. he a i ude ha mos au hors a acked was jau ily se for h by a ha iel Ward of Massachuse s Bay i he Simple Cobler of Aggawam i America (1647). Ward amusi gly defe ded he s a us quo a d railed a colo is s who spo sored ewfa gled o io s. A varie y of cou erargume s o such a co serva ive view were published. Joh Wi hrop's Jour al (wri e 1630-49) old sympa he ically of he a emp of Massachuse s Bay Colo y o form a heocracy--a s a e wi h God a i s head a d wi h i s laws based upo he Bible. La er defe ders of he heocra ic ideal were I crease Ma her a d his so Co o .

William Bradford's His ory of Plymou h Pla a io ( hrough 1646) showed how his pilgrim Separa is s broke comple ely wi h A glica ism. Eve more radical ha Bradford was Roger Williams, who, i a series of co roversial pamphle s, advoca ed o o ly he separa io of church a d s a e bu also he ves i g of power i he people a d he olera ce of differe religious beliefs. he u ili aria wri i gs of he 17 h ce ury i cluded biographies, rea ises, accou s of voyages, a d sermo s. here were few achieveme s i drama or fic io , si ce here was a widespread prejudice agai s hese forms. Bad bu popular poe ry appeared i he Bay Psalm Book of 1640 a d i Michael Wiggleswor h's summary i doggerel verse of Calvi is ic belief, he Day of Doom (1662). here was some poe ry, a leas , of a higher order. A e Brads ree of Massachuse s wro e some lyrics published i he e h Muse (1650), which movi gly co veyed her feeli gs co cer i g religio a d her family. Ra ked s ill higher by moder cri ics is a poe whose works were o discovered a d published u il 1939: Edward aylor, a E glish-bor mi is er a d physicia who lived i Bos o a d Wes field, Massachuse s. Less ouched by gloom ha he ypical Puri a , aylor wro e lyrics ha showed his deligh i Chris ia belief a d experie ce.All 17 h-ce ury America wri i gs were i he ma er of Bri ish wri i gs of he same period. Joh Smi h wro e i he radi io of geographic li era ure, Bradford echoed he cade ces of he Ki g James Bible, while he Ma hers a d Roger Williams wro e bejeweled prose ypical of he day. A e Brads ree 's poe ic s yle derived from a lo g li e of Bri ish poe s, i cludi g Spe ser a d Sid ey, while aylor was i he radi io of such Me aphysical poe s as George Herber a d Joh Do e. Bo h he co e a d form of he li era ure of his firs ce ury i America were hus markedly E glish. he 18 h ce ury I America i he early years of he 18 h ce ury, some wri ers, such as Co o Ma her, carried o he older radi io s. His huge his ory a d biography of Puri a ew E gla d, Mag alia Chris i America a, i 1702, a d his vigorous Ma uduc io ad Mi is erium, or i roduc io o he mi is ry, i 1726, were defe ses of a cie Puri a co vic io s. Jo a ha Edwards, i i ia or of he Grea Awake i g, a religious revival ha s irred he eas er seacoas for ma y years, eloque ly defe ded his bur i g belief i Calvi is ic doc ri e--of he co cep ha ma , bor o ally depraved, could a ai vir ue a d salva io o ly hrough God's grace--i his powerful sermo s a d mos o ably i he philosophical rea ise Freedom of Will (1754). He suppor ed his claims by rela i g hem o a complex me aphysical sys em a d by reaso i g brillia ly i clear a d of e beau iful prose.Bu Ma her a d Edwards were defe di g a doomed cause. Liberal ew E gla d mi is ers such as Joh Wise a d Jo a ha Mayhew moved oward a less rigid religio . Samuel Sewall heralded o her cha ges i his amusi g Diary, coveri g he years 1673-1729. hough si cerely religious, he showed i daily records how commercial life i ew E gla d replaced rigid Puri a ism wi h more worldly a i udes. he Jour al of Mme Sara K igh comically de ailed a jour ey ha lady ook o ew York i 1704.

She wro e vividly of wha she saw a d comme ed upo i from he s a dpoi of a or hodox believer, bu a quali y of levi y i her wi y wri i gs showed ha she was much less ferve ha he Pilgrim fou ders had bee . I he Sou h, William Byrd of Virgi ia, a aris ocra ic pla a io ow er, co ras ed sharply wi h gloomier predecessors. His record of a surveyi g rip i 1728, he His ory of he Dividi g Li e, a d his accou of a visi o his fro ier proper ies i 1733, A Jour ey o he La d of Ede , were his chief works. Years i E gla d, o he Co i e , a d amo g he ge ry of he Sou h had crea ed gaie y a d grace of expressio , a d, al hough a devou A glica , Byrd was as playful as he Res ora io wi s whose works he clearly admired. he wre ch of he America Revolu io emphasized differe ces ha had bee growi g be wee America a d Bri ish poli ical co cep s. As he colo is s moved o he belief ha rebellio was i evi able, fough he bi er war, a d worked o fou d he ew a io 's gover me , hey were i flue ced by a umber of very effec ive poli ical wri ers, such as Samuel Adams a d Joh Dicki so , bo h of whom favoured he colo is s, a d Loyalis Joseph Galloway. Bu wo figures loomed above hese--Be jami Fra kli a d homas Pai e.Fra kli , bor i 1706, had s ar ed o publish his wri i gs i his bro her's ewspaper, he ew E gla d Coura , as early as 1722. his ewspaper champio ed he cause of he &quo ;Lea her Apro &quo ; ma a d he farmer a d appealed by usi g easily u ders ood la guage a d prac ical argume s. he idea ha commo se se was a good guide was clear i bo h he popular Poor Richard's alma ac, which Fra kli edi ed be wee 1732 a d 1757 a d filled wi h prude a d wi y aphorisms purpor edly wri e by u educa ed bu experie ced Richard Sau ders, a d i he au hor's Au obiography, wri e be wee 1771 a d 1788, a record of his rise from humble circums a ces ha offered worldly wise sugges io s for fu ure success.Fra kli 's self-a ai ed cul ure, deep a d wide, gave subs a ce a d skill o varied ar icles, pamphle s, a d repor s ha he wro e co cer i g he dispu e wi h Grea Bri ai , ma y of hem ex remely effec ive i s a i g a d shapi g he colo is s' cause. homas Pai e we from his a ive E gla d o Philadelphia a d became a magazi e edi or a d he , abou 14 mo hs la er, he mos effec ive propaga dis for he colo ial cause. His pamphle &quo ;Commo Se se&quo ; (Ja uary 1776) did much o i flue ce he colo is s o declare heir i depe de ce. &quo ; he America Crisis&quo ; papers (December 1776-December 1783) spurred America s o figh o hrough he blackes years of he war. Based upo Pai e's simple deis ic beliefs, hey showed he co flic as a s irri g melodrama wi h he a gelic colo is s agai s he forces of evil. Such whi e a d black pic uri gs were highly effec ive propaga da. A o her reaso for Pai e's success was his poe ic fervour, which fou d expressio i impassio ed words a d phrases lo g o be remembered a d quo ed. he 19 h ce ury Early 19 h-ce ury li era ure Af er he America Revolu io , a d i creasi gly af er he War of 1812, America wri ers were exhor ed o produce a li era ure ha was ruly a ive. As if i respo se, four au hors of very respec able s a ure appeared.

By fusing her talent with a restless spiritual quest, she was able to document and further the beauty her God had made. She took that old bet with God one step further, translating the sights she saw and the sounds she heard into a powerful vernacular. Ironically, Zora’s choice of self-expression—the dialect of the people for whom she fought so hard professionally and personally—was criticized, even mocked, in her own day. But the last thirty years have revived her reputation, thanks in part to the relentless efforts of Alice Walker, another dialect-driven woman writer whose work has changed the face of American literature. Back in print and deserving of a place on any modern heroine’s bookshelf, Their Eyes Were Watching God was made into a TV movie produced and hosted by Oprah Winfrey and has been read by countless students. It’s a book that was written to be reread and constantly rediscovered, interpreted through the lens of our own diverse spiritual experiences. And it lost none of its power as it traveled from popularity to unsung obscurity and back again. “There is no book as important to me as this one,” wrote Alice Walker. “There is enough self-love in that one book—love of community, culture, traditions—to restore a world. Or create a new one.” Fraught with meaning and laden with doubt and emotion, faith and spirituality can be touchy topics for even the bravest heroine

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