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Ричард Бах

Пакеты с замком "Extra зиплок" (гриппер), комплект 100 штук (150x200 мм).
Быстрозакрывающиеся пакеты с замком "зиплок" предназначены для упаковки мелких предметов, фотографий, медицинских препаратов и
148 руб
Раздел: Гермоупаковка
Совок №5.
Длина совка: 22 см. Цвет в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
18 руб
Раздел: Совки
Ручка "Шприц", желтая.
Необычная ручка в виде шприца. Состоит из пластикового корпуса с нанесением мерной шкалы. Внутри находится жидкость желтого цвета,
31 руб
Раздел: Оригинальные ручки

Министерство общего и профессионального образования Свердловской области.Правовой Лицей имени Е. Р. Кастеля города Екатеринбурга. Образовательная область: Филология. Предмет: Английский язык. Тема: “I preserve his fu ure, he preserves my pas .” (R. Bach). We all are from he childhood. Исполнитель: Ученица 10 «Б» класса Фамилия И. О.: Калашникова С. И. Научный руководитель: Воронова М.В. 17 февраля 2001 годаCo e s. “I preserve his fu ure, he preserves my pas ” (R. Bach). We all are from he childhood. 1. I roduc io (par 1) 3 2. Par 2 5 3. Co clusio (par 3) 14 4. he lis of li era ure .17 I roduc io (Par 1) Everybody wa s o k ow wha is happe i g arou d him or her? We hear abou crimi als, childre ’s creams a d s ra ge behaviour? If a alyse he las e ews-programmes, we’ll u ders a d ha he kid’s problems s ays o he same level wi h ews abou gas or oil. he childre ’s problems are he mos i eres i g a d impor a o e for he majori y of psychologis s. hey ries o u ders a d every hi g wha is co ec ed wi h childre , because everybody believes ha we ca cha ge a kid, bu we ca o do he same wi h a ma . Fra kly speaki g I disagree wi h his s a eme . Is i mea s ha a perso ca o u ders a d a d solve all his problems? I hi k, ha everybody does o believe i his. Really, owadays everyo e is surrou d by a grea umber of problems. Some of hem are really easy, a d we do ’ eed a y help i heir solvi g. However, life is o so primi ive, he majori y of si ua io s are really s ra ge. If we wa o cope wi h such difficul ies, we mus u ders a d he roo s of hem. We will ever be good a chemis ry, physics a d ma h wi hou k owi g he basic rules a d laws. he same is wi h he roo s of huma behaviour. We ca o lear abou me ’s co duc i differe si ua io s, else we’ll be able o claima people’s s resses a d predic huma reac io (i ca be very useful from he crimi al side). Or, may be, we ca .! here are a lo of poi s of view o a problem, where he origi of his or ha co duc is. Freud came o believe ha all he roo s of possible complica es are layi g i he sexual life of a perso , Baco fou d hem i he i ward life, i me ’s ghos s a d idols. A grea group of people believes i mys ic power, which co rols people’s exis e s. I mea s ha every hi g has i s ow begi i g. If we k ow he origi s, we will be able o give a righ es ima io o he si ua io a d, of course, o reac i a proper way. Bu , if we ca lear abou ma h rules from he special books, we ca ’ do he same, if we wa o fi d a local a swer o he ques io :” where are he roo s of huma behaviour a d reac io ? Of course, here are a lo of heories a d co clusio s, which are co ec ed wi h our opic. ever heless, he majori y of hem ouch upo a ques io abou he childhood i a y case. hey are co fide ha all i forma io abou our fu ure life (preco di io ) we ge i a early age, ha our problems are co ec ed wi h childhood a d he roo s of good a d evil are o i he ge es as commo ly believe, bu i he earlies days of life. his idea is ra her ew a d co flic i g, bu very popular a d u der discussio .

I his case i will o be o ly i eres i g bu grea ly impor a o lear such ma erial i side ou , a d defi e a las , is i a solid heory, because, if i is, we’ll be able o u ders a d a d claima he impedime s af er memorisi g our pas . his problem is really dillica e. For i solu io , we should work wi h a e ormous qua i y heories of differe hi kers (like Freud or Bir ) a d wri ers (like Bach a d Coalio). he mai idea is ha he majori y of co clusio s belo g o he pe of Europea scie is s. Co sideri g he impor a ce of his ques io , i is easy o u ders a d ha i ’s ecessary o work wi h E glish wri i g ma erial, because differe repor s ca give us i exac i forma io , a d make i correc opi io of si ua io . For his reaso , my paper is i E glish. I hi k, i is o very difficul o u ders a d he aim of his work, of course. I co sis s of co solida io he heories abou he ques io s ha all our problems are from childhood, a alysis of his ma erial a d respo se o he issue of correc ess of hese ideas. Par 2 Huma i fa s seem so weak a d helpless a bir h ha i is hard o believe hey are capable of much i erac io wi h heir e viro me . I fac , o oo lo g ago ma y people s ill wo dered whe her ew-bor could eve see or hear a all. I he las several decades, however, research o he ew-bor has expa ded grea ly, a d a very differe view has emerged. We ow k ow ha huma i fa s are bor wi h se sory sys ems ha are impressively able. hey process i forma io a d lear abou heir surrou di gs from he very mome of bir h. hey lear he world a d ry o u ders a d how o survive i i . Childre acquire a e ormous amou of i forma io i he welve years of live. For Piage ’s mi d “ o his age he perso ali y is “shaped””. 1 Every hi g wha childre have lear ed duri g his years s ays i he subco scious. Of course, people ca o remember he experie ce of such early age, bu hey use i , calli g - i ui io (i s i c ) or prese ime . So, our reac io s a d deeds “depe d o wha we had pu i our mi d” 2Lo s of psychologis s, he mai of hem is Freud, “came o believe ha curre problems ca of e be raced back o childhood experie ces.” 3 “U for u a ely, hese early experie ces are o usually available o co scious ess. O ly hrough grea effor ca hey be coaxed i o ac ive memory,” 4– said Freud o his problem. he abili y o memorise depe ds o he developme of brai s. A d, i each erm, he abili ies a perso ’s brai ca develop depe d o experie ces i he firs hree years of life, he childhood. S udies o aba do ed a d severely mal rea ed Roma ia childre , as a example, revealed s riki g lesio s i cer ai areas of he brai . he repea ed rauma iza io has led o a i creased release of s ress hormo es which have a acked he se si ive issue of he brai a d des royed he ew, already build-up euro es. he areas of heir brai s respo sible for he “ma ageme ” of heir emo io s are 20-30% smaller ha i o her childre of he same age. Obviously, all childre ( o o ly Roma ia ) who suffer such aba do me a d mal rea me will be damaged i his way. he a i ude o he childre always has i s resul s.

A America wri er Alice Millir ried o u ders a d, why some people (Hi ler, S ali , Mao a d commo o e’s) are so aggressive. She wro e:” I fou d i logical ha a child bea e of e a d deprived of lovi g physical co ac would quickly pick up he la guage of viole ce. For him his la guage became he o ly effec ive mea s of commu ica io available. However, whe I bega o illus ra e my hesis by drawi g o he examples of Hi ler, S ali , Mao, Ceacescu, whe I ried o expose he social co seque ces of child mal rea me , I firs e cou ered s ro g resis a ce. Repea edly I was old,” I, oo, was a ba ered child, bu ha did o make me a crimi al. Whe I asked hese people for de ails abou heir childhood, I was always old of a perso who made he differe ce, a sibli g, a eacher, a eighbour, jus somebody who liked or eve loved hem bu , a leas i mos cases, was u able o pro ec hem. Ye hrough his prese ce his perso gave he child a o io of rus a d love. I call hese perso s “helpi g wi esses”.”5 So, we see ha hese people became aggressive because hey lack love a d pro ec io i he childhood. I mea s ha we depe d o o ly from our commo surrou di g, bu from “ he people from he pas ” 6If a perso lacked pro ec io i he childhood, he will feel himself u comfor able a d “eve i a grea horror” 7i he compa y of people, he’ll wa o pro ec himself a d ha ’s why his reac io oo ordi ary hi gs will be rude. Ma y have also bee lucky e ough o fi d “e ligh e ed” a d courageous “wi esses”, people who helped hem o recog ise he i jus ices hey suffered, he sig ifica ce he hur ful rea me had for hem, a d i s i flue ces o heir whole life. hey may eve suffer much i heir life, may become drug addic ed, a d have rela io ship problems, bu ha ks o he few good experie ce i heir childhood usually do o become crimi als. “ he crimi al ou come seems o be co ec ed wi h a childhood ha did ’ provide a y helpi g wi ess, ha was a place of co s a hrea a d fear,”- 8Miller hough . he pare s a i ude o he kid fi ds i s mirrori g i his fu ure perso ali y a d behaviour. I has bee observed agai a d agai ha pare s who e d o mal rea a d eglec heir childre do i i ways which resemble he rea me hey e dured i heir ow childhood, wi hou a y co scious memory of heir early experie ces. Fa hers who sexually abuse heir childre are usually u aware of he fac ha hey had hemselves suffered he same abuse. I is ra her i herapy, eve if ordered by he cour s, ha hey ca discover, some imes s upefied, heir ow his ory. A d realise hereby ha for years hey have a emp ed o ac ou heir ow sce ario, jus o ge rid of i . he majori y of psychologis s believe ha he expla a io of his fac is ha “i forma io abou he cruel y suffered duri g childhood remai s s ored i he brai i he form of u co scious memories. For a child, co scious experie ce of such rea me is impossible. If childre are o o break dow comple ely u der he pai a d he fear, hey mus repress ha k owledge.9” Bu he u co scious memories of he child who has bee eglec ed a d mal rea ed, eve before he has lear ed o speak, drive he adul o reproduce hose repressed sce es over a d over agai i he a emp o libera e himself from he fears ha cruel y has lef wi h him.

И чем дальше, тем хуже. Обманный маневр Депрессия нас регулярно обманывает, она великий, исключительный лжец, каких свет не видывал! А мы ей верим, мы вообще очень доверчивы по отношению к тому, что думаем. В данном же случае за нас думает депрессия, и это чревато. Но если она нас обманывает, почему бы нам, что называется, не вывести ее на чистую воду и не обмануть самим? Собственно, этим мы сейчас и займемся. Существует тест для определения того, закончена ваша миссия на земле или нет. Если вы еще живы, значит, не закончена. Ричард Бах Итак, мы записали все свои депрессивные мысли, точнее говоря, то, что наша депрессия заставляет нас думать. Это может показаться непростым занятием, но дело того стоит. Причем в нашей страдающей от депрессии голове, можете мне поверить, ничего другого нет, все, что мы думаем, сводится к трем позициям и может быть без труда перенесено в колонки таблицы. После инвентаризации, т.е. записи наших депрессивных мыслей, переходим к анализу. Сначала проанализируем пасквиль-донос, который мы составили на мир, нас окружающий, и на нашу жизнь

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Светильник "Диско шар".
Компактная световая установка для домашней дискотеки, детского праздника или просто уютного вечера в кругу семьи своим кристальным блеском
427 руб
Раздел: Необычные светильники
Масло Mommy care для отпугивания комаров, 50 мл, арт. MC_1696.
Масло для отпугивания комаров смесь натуральных и органических масел Москитуш обладает нежным ароматом, способным притуплять обоняние
890 руб
Раздел: Крем
Поильник–непроливайка Lubby "Русские мотивы" с трубочкой, 240 мл.
Мягкая силиконовая трубочка поильника нежно соприкасается с ртом Малыша. Оптимальная длина трубочки позволяет выпить все содержимое
387 руб
Раздел: Поильники, непроливайки

17. Ричард Рорти "Обретая нашу страну"

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Рюкзак универсальный с отделением для ноутбука "Омега", розовый, 32 литра, 49x35x18 см.
Рюкзак универсальный с отделением для ноутбука. 2 основных отделения, 4 дополнительных кармана. Формоустойчивая спинка. Водоотталкивающая
1364 руб
Раздел: Без наполнения
Кастрюля со стеклянной крышкой, 4 л.
Объем: 4 л. Диаметр: 20 см. Глубина: 12,5 см. Толщина стенок: 0,5 мм. Кастрюля из высококачественной нержавеющей стали класса
811 руб
Раздел: От 3,1 до 5 литров
Ручка перьевая "Golden Prestige", синяя, 0,8 мм, корпус хром/золото.
Перьевая ручка Golden Prestige. Цвет корпуса: хром/золото. Материал корпуса: металл. Материал пера: иридий. К данной ручке подходят
410 руб
Раздел: VIP-ручки

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