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Ручка "Помада".
Шариковая ручка в виде тюбика помады. Расцветка корпуса в ассортименте, без возможности выбора!
25 руб
Раздел: Оригинальные ручки
Совок большой.
Длина 21,5 см. Расцветка в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
21 руб
Раздел: Совки
Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо и планеты", фиолетовый.
Оригинальный светильник - ночник - проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фонариков) 2) Три
330 руб
Раздел: Ночники

I ellige ce is i gover me opera io s, evalua ed i forma io co cer i g such hi gs as he s re g h, ac ivi ies, a d probable courses of ac io of o her a io s who are usually, bu o ecessarily, oppo e s. I a world of sovereig a io s, i forma io is a prime eleme of a io al power, a d i ellige ce is he vi al a d of e pivo al fou da io for a io al decisio s. a io al i ellige ce orga iza io s I a world i revolu io ary ferme , he au he ic i ellige ce officer occupies he ce re of grea deba es over a io al securi y policy. A issue i mos of he deba es are ques io s of power, probabili y, a d ime. A prime ask of he modem professio al i ellige ce officer, mili ary or civilia , is o ry o a swer ques io s for he policymaker abou power a d abou behaviour probabili ies, wi hi a ime scale. For a chief of s a e ryi g o decide a ques io abou uclear armame s, for example, a ideal i ellige ce sys em would provide precise k owledge of a po e ial e emy's power, he probabili y of ha e emy's behaviour or reac io i give co i ge cies, a d a ime schedule for he mos likely seque ce of eve s. hese are basic problems for all i ellige ce services. I forma io as o how hese services address heir problems is highly u eve . More is ge erally k ow abou he U.S. sys em ha a y o her, a good deal abou ha of he old Sovie U io , a d compara ively less abou o her sys ems. I ellige ce sys ems follow hree ge eral models: he U.S., which was followed by former Wes Germa y, Japa , Sou h Korea, a d o her a io s ha came u der U.S. i flue ce af er World War II; he old Sovie , which was imi a ed i large measure by mos commu is -gover ed a io s; a d he Bri ish, o which were pa er ed he sys ems of mos a io s wi h rue parliame ary gover me s. he U i ed Ki gdom Bri ish i ellige ce was orga ized alo g modem li es as early as he days of Quee Elizabe h I, a d he lo g Bri ish experie ce has i flue ced he s ruc ure of mos o her sys ems. U like hose of he U i ed S a es a d he old Sovie U io , Bri ish i ellige ce age cies have preserved hrough mos of heir his ory a high degree of secrecy co cer i g heir orga iza io a d opera io s. Eve so, Bri ai has suffered from large umber of a ive spies wi hi he i ellige ce es ablishme . he wo pri cipal Bri ish i ellige ce age cies are he Secre I ellige ce Service (SIS; also k ow by i s war ime desig a io , MI-6) a d he Securi y Service (commo ly called MI-5). he labels derive from he fac ha he Secre I ellige ce Service was o ce &quo ;sec io six&quo ; of mili ary i ellige ce a d he Securi y Service, &quo ;sec io five.&quo ; MI-6 MI-6 is he formally Secre I ellige ce Service, Bri ish gover me age cy respo sible for he collec io , a alysis, a d appropria e dissemi a io of foreig i ellige ce. MI-6 is respo sible for he co duc of espio age ac ivi ies ou side Bri ish erri ory. he I ellige ce Services Ac 1994 defi es he role of MI6 as “a) o ob ai a d provide i forma io rela i g o he ac io s or i e io s of perso s ou side he Bri ish Isla ds; a d b) o perform o her asks rela i g o he ac io s or i e io s of such perso s. he i eres s of a io al securi y, wi h par icular refere ce o defe ce a d foreig policies.

he i eres s of he eco omic well-bei g of he UK.or i suppor of he preve io or de ec io of serious crime.” MI-6 has exis ed, i various forms si ce he es ablishme of a secre service i 1569 by Sir Fra cis Walsi gham, who became secre ary of s a e o Quee Elizabe h I. I was co s i u ed i i s prese form by Comma der (la er Sir) Ma sfield Cummi g i 1912 as World War I approached. I he 1930s a d 1940s i was co sidered he mos effec ive i ellige ce service i he world. Duri g he rise of azi Germa y, MI-6 co duc ed espio age opera io s i Europe, La i America, a d much of Asia. ( he &quo ;MI-6&quo ; label developed duri g his period because i was he &quo ;sec io six&quo ; of &quo ;mili ary i ellige ce.&quo ;) Whe he U i ed S a es e ered World War II, he Bri ish age cy helped rai perso el of he U.S. Office of S ra egic Services a d has si ce coopera ed wi h he successor Ce ral I ellige ce Age cy (CIA). he revela io i he mid-1950s ha MI-6 had bee pe e ra ed by Bri ish double age s who had served he Sovie U io si ce he 1930s s irred wide public co s er a io . De ails of MI-6 opera io s a d rela io ships seldom appear i he Bri ish press. he age cy has he power o ce sor such s ories hrough he use of &quo ;D&quo ; o ices u der he Official Secre s Ac . MI-6 repor s o he Foreig Office. A o her bra ch of Bri ish i ellige ce sys em is MI-5. MI-5 MI-5 is he formally Securi y Service, i ellige ce age cy charged wi h i er al securi y a d domes ic cou eri ellige ce ac ivi ies of he U i ed Ki gdom. I is au horized o i ves iga e a y perso or moveme ha migh hrea e he a io 's securi y. MI-5's earlies a ecede was a secre service formed i 1569 by Sir Fra cis Walsi gham, who la er became secre ary of s a e o Elizabe h I. he eed for ce ralized co rol of i ellige ce fu c io s was firs expressed early i he 20 h ce ury. MI-5 was formed i 1909 o ide ify a d cou er Germa spies he worki g i Bri ai , which i did wi h grea effec . I was placed u der he comma d of Ver o Kell, he a cap ai i he Bri ish army. Kell re ired as a major ge eral i 1924 a d was la er k igh ed, bu remai ed i charge he age cy u il 1940. ( he &quo ;MI-5&quo ; label developed duri g his period because i was he &quo ;sec io five&quo ; of &quo ;mili ary i ellige ce.&quo ;) he Securi y Service makes o direc arres s bu ra her works secre ly behi d he more publicized &quo ;Special Bra ch&quo ; of Sco la d Yard. he direc or of he Securi y Service repor s o he prime mi is er hrough he home secre ary. U doub edly, he successful ac ivi y of differe orga iza io s depe ds o heir leaders. For example, he boss of MI-5 duri g he mos successful years of i s work was a ex raordi ary perso , a woma of a grea spiri Dame S ella Rimi g o . Dame S ella Rimi g o Former Direc or Ge eral of MI5 S ella Rimi g o was he firs woma o lead MI5, he firs o be i ves ed as a Dame for her services o a io al securi y. She has broke he code of absolu e discre io ha is mea o bi d se ior public serva s oge her. he woma who was o become Bri ai 's mos famous female securi y officer was bor i Sou h orwood, Lo do , i 1935. She was a o ly child.

Her fa her was a mech ical e gi eer. Her mos vivid memories of childhood are of bei g bombed. She was educa ed a o i gham High School for Girls, a d Edi burgh U iversi y. O gradua io , she became a archivis , a job ha she ever saw as a serious career. She was i love wi h Joh Rimi g o , he ma who would become her husba d. She me him o he school bus whe she was 17. Soo hey los ouch, bu me up agai i Edi burgh. he couple married i 1963. He was by he a civil serva a d i 1965 was pos ed o he Bri ish High Commissio i ew Delhi a d she became a du iful diploma ic wife. She ook a ac ive par i ama eur drama ics, bu o much else. he , i 1969, much o her surprise, he local MI5 ma asked, if she would help ou as a assis a . As a bored housewife wi hou childre , she jumped a he cha ce. Fif ee years la er, she was separa ed from her husba d, had wo childre a d was, accordi g o o e former colleague, &quo ;a promisi g mid-level officer. She was solid, bu o dazzli g&quo ;. Bu MI5 was o be radically shake up duri g he Eigh ies, a d S ella Rimi g o be efi ed from he decisio o fi d &quo ; ew blood&quo ; o ru he orga isa io . She was give he difficul field of cou er-subversio , i which she was ex remely successful. She was promo ed o Direc or of Cou er-i ellige ce, he o bei g depu y Direc or Ge eral, i charge of opera io s, a d he , fi ally, i 1992, o head he orga isa io . As par of he ew, pos -Cold War &quo ;ope ess&quo ;, S ella Rimi g o was he firs Direc or Ge eral o be publicly amed. he publici y was o wi hou problems because he Su day imes ide ified her home address. I was a poi lessly cruel piece of jour alism, causi g her imme se i co ve ie ce as she a d her daugh ers had o move i s a ly from a eighbourhood hey liked o somewhere hey did ' . She fel a gry, bo h a he Su day imes a d wha she co sidered he lack of help from official quar ers. A year ago Dame S ella wro e a book abou her e ure as Direc or Ge eral of MI5, hough here are a lo of people i he Gover me who wish she would ’ . Why has she do e i ? Mo ey could be o e reaso . She has a dece pe sio from MI5, a couple of o -execu ive direc orships, i cludi g o e a Marks & Spe cer, bu hose are small beer compared o he six figure sum she could expec for her &quo ;au obiography of a spook&quo ;. Ye some of hose who k ow her doub ha she would s oop so low as o sell her cou ry's secre s for perso al gai . Ma y of her colleagues hi k ha she has a o her mo ive: va i y. S ella Rimi g o used o be a very impor a perso . ow she is ' . I 's pai ful a d she jus wa s o be back i he limeligh . Bu o he o her ha d here are o reaso s o worry abou . S ella Rimi g o was a brillia woma , so we will remember her forever. Besides, o lo g af erwards, she was immor alized as James Bo d's ew boss i Golde eye. James Bo d worked, of course, for MI6, o MI5, bu everyo e assumed ha Dame Judi De ch, who s arred i he role, was playi g S ella Rimi g o - i cludi g Dame S ella herself who fou d he por rayal &quo ;qui e s ar li g”.

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