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Christina Aguilera biography

Браслет светоотражающий, самофиксирующийся, желтый.
Изготовлены из влагостойкого и грязестойкого материала, сохраняющего свои свойства в любых погодных условиях. Легкость крепления позволяет
66 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Мыло металлическое "Ликвидатор".
Мыло для рук «Ликвидатор» уничтожает стойкие и трудно выводимые запахи за счёт особой реакции металла с вызывающими их элементами.
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Ручка "Шприц", желтая.
Необычная ручка в виде шприца. Состоит из пластикового корпуса с нанесением мерной шкалы. Внутри находится жидкость желтого цвета,
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I he wo years from he day ha she burs o o he world musical la dscape, Chris i a Aguilera has scored four #1 smash hi si gles, wa ched sales of her char - oppi g RCA debu album surpass he 12 millio mark worldwide (23 millio CDs a d si gles o al sold o da e), headli ed he Super Bowl Half- ime Show, performed for he Preside , a d o op i all off, ook home wo Grammys i cludi g o e for Bes ew Ar is , headli ed a mammo h 2000 i er a io al our, released a Spa ish la guage album, a d a holiday album of seaso al favori es. Chris i a Aguilera co i ues o provide evide ce ha she is he premier musical voice of her ge era io .Chris i a firs bega performi g a age six i school ale shows a d became k ow as he 'li le girl wi h a big voice.' A age eigh , she appeared o he a io ally sy dica ed 'S ar Search,' usi g her ru er-up wi i gs o buy a por able sou d sys em so she could si g i he park. By he ime she was 10, Chris i a was si gi g he a io al A hem for he Pi sburgh S eelers a d Pe gui s. A d he , a welve, she joi ed he e semble cas of ' he ew Mickey Mouse Club,' appeari g o he Orla do-based show alo g wi h fu ure s ars Bri ey Spears, J.C. a d Jus i of ' Sy c, a d Keri Russell of 'Felici y.' Af er wo years, he show e ded a d Chris i a go he oppor u i y o ravel overseas o fur her ho e her musical skills. I 1997, Chris i a performed i places as far flu g as okyo, Japa (where she released a si gle wi h Keizo aka ishi called 'All I Wa a Do') a d Brasov, Roma ia, bu always wi h her eye o he same goal. 'I always wa ed o have my ow album recorded a d released before I gradua ed high school,' says Chris i a. She cer ai ly ook quick s rides oward ha goal.I early 1998, af er fi ishi g some demos a d shoppi g for a record deal, Chris i a audi io ed o si g 'Reflec io ' for Dis ey's a ima ed film 'Mula .' he filmmakers eeded someo e 'who could hi a high E above middle C,' accordi g o Chris i a, who he cu a o e- ake demo i her livi g room si gi g o a karaoke ape of Whi ey Hous o 's 'I Wa a Ru o You.' he demo was rushed o Dis ey, a d wi hi a day, Chris i a was i a Los A geles s udio recordi g 'Reflec io .' ha same week, RCA Records sig ed her o a record co rac . 'Mula ' premiered i Ju e 1998, a d 'Reflec io ' ur ed i o a op 15 A/C si gle, wi h Chris i a performi g i live o 'CBS his Mor i g' a d he 'Do ie & Marie Show.' 'Worki g o he 'Mula ' projec was so u believable,' Chris i a said i Ju e 1998. 'I seriously hough I would ' ge he job because he so g was so difficul . I 's so cool o hear your voice i a hea er.' he si gle we o o gar er a Golde Globe omi a io for Bes Origi al So g i a Mo io Pic ure a d Chris i a he a e io of some of he bes wri ers a d producers i he i dus ry.O her self- i led debu album for RCA, hose wri ers a d producers helped Chris i a showcase her special ale s. 'I was hrilled o work wi h so ma y grea wri ers a d producers o my album,&quo ; says Chris i a. 'Wha A Girl Wa s' was produced by Guy Roche (Bra dy, Cher, Dru Hill, Aaliyah, K-Ci & Jo Jo), 'Ge ie I A Bo le' was produced by ex-Sys em member David Fra k a d S eve Kip er, a d 'Blessed' was pe ed a d produced by ravo Po s (co-wri er of Mo ica's char oppi g 'A gel of Mi e').

Mea while, Carl S urke a d Eva Rogers (' Sy c, Boyzo e, Bra d ew Heavies) co ribu ed a pair of racks, he soul-flavored 'Love For All Seaso s' a d he rousi g 'Love Will Fi d A Way.' Chris i a is par icularly proud of he album's ballads, such as he Ma hew Wilder-produced 'Reflec io ,' a d 'Obvious' wri e by ewcomer Hea her Holly, a d of course, mas er u esmi h Dia e Warre 's smash 'I ur o You.'Chris i a Aguilera's break hrough year i '99 bega wi h her firs #1 si gle 'Ge ie I A Bo le,' which s ayed a op he char s for five co secu ive weeks a d rocke ed he album o #1 upo i s release i Augus 1999. he follow-up si gle 'Wha A Girl Wa s' reached he cove ed firs Billboard Ho 100 #1 slo of 2000 ( he firs #1 hi of he ew mille ium) a d helped o push he album i o pla i um erri ory ma y imes over ('Come O Over Baby' became he hird #1 from he album la er i 2000).Amo g o her ho ors, alo g wi h s ars like Jodie Fos er a d Are ha Fra kli , Chris i a was amed o e of he mos fasci a i g wome of 1999 o he 'Ladies Home Jour al' CBS- V special earlier his year. Chris i a also wo 1999's Bes ew Ar is a his year's ALMA Awards, he a ual eve ho ori g he bes i e er ai me from he Hispa ic-America commu i y. She graced he covers of ma y a io al magazi es, i cludi g E er ai me Weekly, ee People a d La i a a d performed as a musical gues o 'Sa urday igh Live,' ' he o igh Show wi h Jay Le o,' ' he Rosie O'Do ell Show,' a d was he o ly female gues performer o VHI's 'Me S rike Back.' She also performed o o her V specials such as ' he Esse ce Awards,' 'Dis ey Summer Jams,' a d 'People Magazi es's 25 Ho es S ars U der 25.'O her highligh s for Chris i a over 1999 i cluded a due wi h blues lege d BB Ki g a d a solo performa ce of ' he Chris mas So g' for Preside Cli o o 's 'Chris mas a he Whi e House' V special. his led o he Preside aski g Chris i a o si g he firs so g o his elevised Mille ium special from Washi g o . Chris i a had o decli e due o a prior commi me o perform from imes Square i ew York o M V's ew Year's Eve broadcas .Chris i a's amazi g ew year of 2000 bega wi h a grea due performa ce wi h E rique Iglesias a he Super Bowl Half ime Show which also fea ured Phil Colli s a d o i Brax o .Wha made all her commercial success so much swee er, were Chris i a's wo Grammy omi a io s for Bes ew Ar is a d Bes Female Pop Vocal performa ce. I February 2000, Chris i a's i credible ride o he op reached ew heigh s as Sheryl Crow, Melissa E heridge a d Sara McLaughla a ou ced ha he Grammy for Bes ew Ar is goes o - Chris i a Aguilera! 'I was a i credible shock for me,' Chris i a recalls of ha amazi g igh . 'I was comple ely u prepared. My album had bee ou he leas amou of ime compared o everyo e else, so I hough here was o way I'd wi . Bu I was overwhelmed, shocked a d overjoyed all a he same ime.'As for her a io al summer 2000 our, co-spo sored by Sears a d Levi's, Chris i a was equally e husias ic. 'I was exci i g o ake my full ba d a d my da cers ou o he road,' she says, 'a d givi g he show a edgy, hea rical vibe. I was i o all he crea ive aspec s of pla i g he show, of coveri g ew grou d, doi g more blues, soul, a d some spec acular choreography.'

Chris i a recorded a Spa ish la guage album 'Mi Reflejo' released i fall 2000 a d a seaso al album ready i ime for he holidays. Said Chris i a, 'I've always bee proud of my Ecuadora heri age. Recordi g a Spa ish album a d worki g wi h a grea producer like Rudy Perez, gave me a cha ce o explore my La i side.' As for he Chris mas album, Chris i a was exci ed abou performi g wi h a 70-piece orches ra a d he oppor u i y o record bo h ew a d radi io al holiday racks. 'I did a due wi h Dr. Joh o 'Merry Chris mas Baby,' she o es, 'a d several ew pop Chris mas so gs wi h a real R&B edge.'I March 2001, Chris i a collabora ed wi h Ricky Mar i o ' obody Wa s o Be Lo ely' ha peaked a umber 11 o Billboard char s, a d became a worldwide i er a io al hi .Chris i a also proved ha she ca work wi h o her divas, as she did i he remake of 'Lady Marmalade,' from he 'Mouli Rouge' sou d rack which spe five weeks a #1. eamed wi h Pi k, Mya a d Lil' Kim, heir video ook home he 2001 M V Video Award for 'Bes Video of he Year' (amo g ma y awards he record received). She also appeared o he All-S ar ribu e remake of Marvi Gaye's 'Wha 's Goi g O ?,' wi h a s ar-s udded cas i cludi g Bo o a d elly Fur ado.She capped off a amazi g 2001 by wi i g her seco d Grammy for Bes Female Pop Vocal Album for 'Mi Reflejo.'Billboard Magazi e rece ly wro e abou her grea prospec s for a lo g fu ure:'Chris i a Aguilera's much a icipa ed sophomore album is likely o be a hi wi h he cri ics a d crowds alike. Boas i g a edgier sou d a d self-wri e lyrics, his CD should e d compariso s be wee Aguilera a d bubblegum quee Bri ey Spears.I 's bee wo years si ce he release of Aguilera's self- i led debu disc - which was home o #1 hi s like 'Ge ie I A Bo le,' 'Wha A Girl Wa s' a d 'Come O Over Baby.' his former Mouske eer has rise o a Grammy-wi i g, mul i-pla i um pop powerhouse.I he ime si ce her e ra ce i o he music world, Aguilera has prove successful i bo h he E glish a d La i fields. Aguilera has worked wi h some of he bigges ames i he i dus ry i cludi g BB Ki g, Bria McK igh , S i g, Ricky Mar i a d mos rece ly Pi k, Mya a d Lil Kim o heir #1 smash 'Lady Marmalade.' o bad for a 20-year old. he ou look is very good for her ewes record. She has expa ded her horizo s musically a d gai ed ew a d exci ed fa s. here's owhere for his you g a d ale ed beau y o go excep up.'Wi h fa s ra gi g beyo d he ee marke , Chris i a has show ha his 'Ge ie i a Bo le' has bee released - a d is soari g.' his ( ew) record is ex remely perso al,' Chris i a rece ly old ime magazi e. 'I 's so perso al ha I feel like people from my pas will say 'Oh my God, she's si gi g his o me.' I have a lo of hi gs o say a d a lo of hi gs o le ou of me. I feel like I was very co fi ed i ha firs record o be very pop-drive . I wa o be a poe a d have a cha ce o explore ha a d le people k ow wha 's really o my mi d.'Over all, Chris i a Aguilera is as overwhelmed as she is hrilled by her e ormous success, bu she remai s reflec ive a d gra eful. 'I 's bee qui e a roller-coas er ride,' she laughs, 'Bu I hi k I've grow a d lear ed a lo abou myself.

В этом смысле особое значение приобрела "Волшебная флейта", в основе к-рой лежит нем. пьеса. При всей отвлечённости и экзотичности её сказочного сюжета она наиболее близка к нар. характеру, нац. песен-ности и полифонии, формам отечеств, т-ра. В обстановке засилья иностр. оперы "Волшебная флейта" явилась для Австрии и Германии провозвестником нац. иск-ва. Прогрессивные принципы реалистич. оперного творчества М. сыграли огромную роль в развитии муз.-сценич. иск-ва. С о ч.: П и с ь м а и документы.- Mozart. Briefe und Aufzeichnungen. Gesamtausgabe. Gesammelt und erlautert von W. A. Bauer und 0. E. Deutsch, Bd I-IV, Kassel, i 962-63; Die Dokumente seines Lebens. Gesammelt und erlautert von 0. E. Deutsch, Lpz., 1961. Лит.: Черная E. С., Моцарт и австрийский музыкальный театр. М., 1963; Штейнпресс Б. С., "Безумный день, или Женитьба Фигаро" Бомарше как источник оперы Моцарта,* в кн.: Вопросы музыкознания. Сб. статей, т. III, М., 1960; ХохловкинаА., Западноевропейская опера. Конец XVIII первая половина XIX века Очерки, М., 1962 (гл. II - Моцарт); AbertH., W. A. Mozart Bd 1-2, 7. Aufl., Lpz., 1955-56; Schenk E., Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Eine Biographie, Z.- Lpz.- W., 1955 D e n t E. J., Mozart's opcras, 3 ed., L., 1960; L e r t E., Mozart auf dem Theater, 2. Aufl., B., 1921; DellaCorte A., Tutto il teatro di Mozart, Torino, 1957. См. также соч. при статьях: Т. Н. Ливанова, Б. Паумгартнер, А. Н. Серов (Избр. статьи, т. 1), И. И

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