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Правонарушители (Young offenders)

Браслет светоотражающий, самофиксирующийся, желтый.
Изготовлены из влагостойкого и грязестойкого материала, сохраняющего свои свойства в любых погодных условиях. Легкость крепления позволяет
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Гуашь "Классика", 12 цветов.
Гуашевые краски изготавливаются на основе натуральных компонентов и высококачестсвенных пигментов с добавлением консервантов, не
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Тема: . You g offe ders Раздел: . иностранные языки Назначение: . opic Формат: . Wi Word Автор: . имя автора и E-mail (если автор работы Вам неизвестен, оставьте эту строчку пустой) Использование: . 2000 Примечания: . Мирзоев Тимур 404YOU G OFFE DERSEvery Russia k ows ha we have a lo of roubles wi h juve ile deli que cy. Bu o ma y of us k ow abou roubles wi h you g offe ders i o her cou ries. So I am goi g o ell you abou you g offe ders i Grea Bri ai . Firs of all le s see o survey. “Up o 30 per ce of ee agers carry some ki d of weapo o pro ec hemselves, wi h o e i five boys carryi g a k ife, accordi g o a survey which shows widespread co cer amo g you g people abou heir physical safe y. he survey of 24,000 ee agers by he Schools Educa io U i of Exe er U iversi y shows ha wo- hirds of girls a d o e- hird of boys fear physical a ack. Abou a hird of girls a d a quar er of boys are so fearful of bulli g ha hey are some imes, of e , or very of e afraid of goi g o school. Almos half of 12-13-year-olds a d 60 per ce of 14-15-year-olds co sumed a leas o e alcoholic dri k. Abou 10 per ce 12-13-year-olds a d 30 per ce of 14-15-year-olds had ried a leas o e illegal drug, usually ca abis.” ( he Guardia ovember, 1996) ow le s see wha police say abou you g offe ders. “ or humbria police ide ified 58 you gs ers- mos 15 or you ger – officially respo sible for 1,079 crimes i ewcas le upo y e las year a d arres ed o 833 occasio s. hey i clude o e boy arres ed 37 imes i a year, who was a hief a d a burglar a 11, a d a o her hough o have commi ed a leas 300 crimes. He had bee arres ed 64 imes i hree years. Six mo h ago he s ole a army mo orcycle a d a au oma ic rifle – bo h la er recovered- af er absco di g from a rema d ce er. Bu o he assump io ha he 58 have commi ed a overage of 7.8 crimes for every arres , he repor es ima es ha hey could have bee respo sible for a s aggeri g 6,500 crimes las year. You g crimi als were graded i five ca egories from ‘mos persis e offe ders’ o ‘mi or’. Ala Brow , he assis a chief co s able of or humbria, called for a a io al s ra egy o deal wi h juve ile offe ders – s ar i g wi h special u i s for boys u der 15 who, a prese , ca o be rema ded i cus ody. ‘ hey eed o be priso like, bu could be used for juve iles o he verge of becomi g persis e offe ders who eed supervisio before hey become seriously i volved i crime,’ he said. ( he Guardia ovember, 1996) All his makes us hi k abou o e hi g “Wha makes hem commi crimes?” Here is some poi s. I volveme i offe di g a d drug use amo gs you g people is widespread – every o her male a d every hird female admi ed o commi i g offe ces a d he same umbers admi ed usi g drugs a some ime – bu mos offe di g is i freque a d mi or a d mos drug use is co fi ed o usi g ca abis. he s ro ges i flue ces o s ar i g o offe d are low pare al supervisio , persis e rua cy a d associa i g wi h o hers i volved i offe di g, all of which are s ro gly rela ed o he quali y of rela io ships wi h pare s. he mos commo age fore s ar i g he followi g ac ivi ies: 14 years for rua i g a d ru i g away from Home.

15 years for offe di g a d aki g ca abis 16 years for aki g drugs o her ha ca abis he peak ages for offe di g are 21 for males a d 16 for females. So, how we should preve crime by you g people? Bri ish specialis s offer: “I would be be er o preve he offe di g behavior i he firs place. S eps ca be ake by a wide ra ge of age cies o address such problems by i erve i g before hose a risk s ar o offe d. Local age cies eed o pilo such i erve io s i he areas where hey era mos eeded, a d evalua e hem o lear wha works. Childre brough up i families wi h lax pare al supervisio a d which live i poor eighborhoods are more likely o become offe ders. Pare s who are bri gi g up heir childre i difficul circums a ces ca be helped by professio als o improve heir pare i g skills a d produce be er-behaved. Where pare s fail o socialize heir childre adequa ely, schools e d up copi g wi h bad behavior amo g heir pupils. You g people who are excluded from school or who rua are more likely o offe d – so i is worryi g ha he umber of pupils perma e ly excluded from schools has rise . Schools ca be helped o deal wi h difficul pupils by suppor workers, a d by advice from child a d adolesce me al heal h services. Use of drugs a d alcohol is high amo g you g offe ders – 70 per ce of hose o supervisio orders admi o aki g drugs a d over half ge dru k a leas o ce a week. Mul i-age cy Drug Ac io eams eed o e sure ha some of he services developed locally ca er for he eeds of hose u der he age of 18.”

His eyes blazed with ill- concealed joy at the delineation of her plentifully endowed forms, and the rondure of her firm young breasts excited him enormously. Maude uttered a startled gasp, her cheeks burning with maidenly modesty at this partial disrobing. “ Oh! I am- I am so ashamed, Mr. C- Cameron,” she quavered, rolling her eyes and quivering with enervation. “ Then you would have done well to have reflected on your naughtiness before committing it, my girl,” was his straightforward retort. “ Now put out your right palm in the same way for the dozen which will be meted out to the offender!” So saying, he took hold of her right elbow with his left hand, so that they were standing close together, and obliged her to extend her hand in the air with the fingers spread and straight. Then slowly he lifted up the leafcutter and applied a wicked cut. Maude squealed with pain and tried to snatch her hand away, her bosom heaving violently. “ That hurts so!” “ The leafcutter does make a noisy sound, doesn’ t it?” he capriciously enquired. “ Oh dear,” Maude complained. “ It isn’ t the sound- it’ s the feel of it that’ s so awful

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